24 Great Ideas Using Texture in Interior Design

Imagine a room without stripes, colors, patterns or textures… it would look pretty boring, agree? Because, these are the elements that make a space from being flat and dead to noticeable and alive. Last time we shortly find out how to create stripped interior design, today lets briefly look on textures. It is one of the designers most powerful tools to create visual interest by adding dimension and rich depth. Textures in interior design can be different – smooth, bumpy, soft, rough, itchy – and that helps to make contrast! Combination of contrasting textures can add character and create an outstanding look. Only one thing should be taken in to account when arranging the interior, that it has a tendency visually fill the space.

Therefore in small rooms are better to use fine texture and in small amounts. For example, a panel of wood in a large room, will balance the space and add comfort, but in small space it will make the sense of smaller, or even depressing room. Not less important thing is to maintain harmony between textures, here its recommended to use textures that have one thing in common, for example, the degree of reflection or visual weight. As well color and texture play an important role in this matter. The texture should match with bold patterns, but if soft or neutral colors, then can play with texture and make a good mix. It’s not easy, but it is a rewarding experience. Therefore, to gain more confidence, lets look at 24 great ideas using texture in interior design.

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