30 Amazing Balcony Decoration Ideas

If you live in a city or suburb and you have a small balcony, it certainly comes one of your favorite places where go out for a while and enjoy the fresh air, the sun, warm summery rain or beautiful starlight nights. Thanks to balcony, even if it is small, you can enjoy the outdoor life. But for such a small place there, always arises question – how to decorate a small balcony?

Balcony decoration options are endless. There is many flooring option, like tiles, carpets, small rocks, wood or grass imitation. You should make choice what you like the most. When you have decided about flooring, next step is searching for furniture that is especially made for tiny spaces and don’t take much space, but looks very decorative. They may be a couple of colorful folding chairs that can be hung on wall and used when needed or cushions that now is available in a wide variety of forms, sizes and colors. After furniture is arranged, then should not be forgotten about plants. They will give to small balcony a spirit of an outdoor garden. Plants can be added everywhere, they will never look too much. And the last thing is accessories – little key things that make small balcony for a cozy place and definitely for your place: lighting, rugs, decorative items on the table and other nice decorations. For inspiration and help you brainstorm, we have created a list of 30 most interesting balcony decoration ideas. Take a look.

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