45 Barn Style Sliding Door Ideas in Home Décor

Doors have an aesthetic role in creating impression of what lies beyond every house. With the right design and accent it can be a main feature of your home. One exceptional type of doors is sliding barn doors. Sliding barn doors are suitable with every room; so long you know the right design for you. We hope this article will leave you interesting options.

Robust barn doors would be perfect for bedroom and home office. The sliding function will create privacy in your office and acting as a cool transition between the master bedroom and the bathroom. It can also be a huge barn door for the living room and a warm impression for the entrance. Its simplicity adds warmth and texture. You can actually make a lot of things with a simple barn door; its limit depends on your imagination. You may go for a contemporary look by combining a vintage hardware with horizontal wood panels. This will look great on hallways, closets or even a wall piece. While traditional barn doors were made in heavy reclaimed wood, as it is eco-friendly and budget saver. If you are into something beyond texture, try painting it in a color of your choice. On the other hand, replacing the wood panels with glass, steel or other materials will transform your traditional home to a modern look.

Aside from having an imposing look, barn doors are functional elements. It is a great way to conceal walk-in closet, a small home office in the bedroom or a messy laundry area & pantry, without the need to deal with traditional doors that swing open. It also saves space that a normal door occupies. Due to its swinging motion, most doors take up extra space, something that is not possible in a small bedroom or work area. Barn doors also provide accessibility in terms of the weight of doors. Common doors are heavy to pull, making it harder to open and close them. If you’re looking of a unique way to re-invent your home, be the first to enjoy the creative design ideas below.

double barn style sliding doors

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