7 Gorgeous Coffee Tables Available on MADE.COM

If you are from the UK, France or Italy, you will certainly be glad to know about online brand, which allows customers obtain modern and functional furniture without additional cost directly from the manufacturer. It seems at first glance that it sounds too good to be true, however, has developed an unique system of cooperation giving up the warehouse, physical store and intermediaries that allow customers to save up to 70%.

Therefore, in this article, we have collected 7 in our opinion the most interesting coffee tables from product portfolios. Give us know who’s your favorite one in the list.

1. RANGE – round coffee table in oak and copper (£ 249)

Made of oak, this round-shaped coffee table will give chic and modern look to Scandinavian and Eclectic style interior. In this series is also available a side table RANGE.

Dimensions: W80 x D80 x H42.5cm.
Weight: 15.5kg.

2. DARBY – antique coffee table with storage (£ 199)

If you like interior with rustic, vintage or antique touch, this factory-style coffee-table will be a great attachment to your home interior. DARBY coffee table will look great in combination with the left hand facing corner sofa VITTORIO.

Take a look on other solutions of great DARBY collection.

Dimensions: W80 L120 x W50 x H45cm.
Weight: 30kg.

3. HUMPHREY – industrial coffee table in wood and antique gunmetal (£ 239)

This is another coffee table for industrial and rustic design lovers. Easily movable, made with a naturally aged mango wood surface with cast iron wheels. To create an interesting and unified interior it can be used in combination with a left hand facing corner sofa VITTORIO and with similar style furniture from DARBY collection.

Dimensions: L128 x W62 x H32cm
Weight: 37kg.

4. HOOPER – storage coffee table in natural ash (£ 119)

Style enthusiasts will appreciate this elegant and very stylish coffee table, made of high-strength ash-veneered plywood with extra space to store magazines or TV remote.

In is also available a similar design coffee table FONTEYN in oak and walnut finishes with closed drawer. As well take a look on sofa bed HUGO, that may look well together with one of the modern storage coffee tables.

Dimensions: L120 x W50 x H45cm
Weight: 18kg.

5. LE BRIC – high gloss coffee table with exclusive design (£ 299)

LE BRIC coffee table is meant to provide the style and elegance in to a modern interior. Its designers have also thought about the practical side – spacious compartment where to store magazines and books. This coffee table is available in white and grey color shades.

Dimensions: L101 x W85 x H30cm
Weight: 39kg.

6. AXIS – a low coffee table with storage (£ 149)

Another modern coffee table from It is designed to be equally elegant and spacious in same time. You can skilfully placed there books or magazines to give more texture to the interior.

Dimensions: L90 x W90 x H30cm
Weight: 28kg.

7. MONDRIAN – multi – functional cofee table with two nesting side tables (£ 105)

Light construction, at the same time very durable coffee table, entirely made of metal with three different surface colors – gray, red and yellow. This multi-functional table sets can be used as end tables, lamp tables, decorative display tables or simply accent-pieces.

They fit well in different interiors – modern with classic, eclecticism, industrial and light antique. It is an excellent solution to bring in the interior a bit of fun at the same time maintaining laconic and minimalist look.

Dimensions: L90 x W90 x H30cm
Weight: 28kg.

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