9 Most Unique Sofa Designs Available for Purchase

Do you know that aside from functionality, unique sofas set the tone for your entire space? Its size and style can make or break a great living room.

How cool would it be if you can come up with a luxurious unique sofa, where more than one person can sit at a time to relax and enjoy the bonding moment? Sure thing, this is achievable.

Although we may find it hard to find a rich looking sofa to complete the overall look of your home, some designers nowadays are bold enough to create sophisticated, high-end unique sofas which are now available for purchase in most online store. This makes it easier for us to pick the right modern sofa that will surely help us end up with a classy and elegant home.

The sofas that you would find in this article are everything from comfortable to modern but most certainly unique sofas. Have a look and enjoy these beautiful sofas.


Upholstered Luxury Sofa

luxury sofa

Dimensions: 97″ W x 32″ H x 41″ D

This luxury sofa brings timeless style and beauty to your home. Made from Feather & Down back and seat cushions, while white linen covers are washed using environmentally friendly detergents, and available in multiple fabric and size options.

Button Tufting Unique Sofa

unique sofa

Dimensions: 85″ L x 32″ H x 35″ D

The fabric is one of my favorite things about this sofa because it looks like a vintage piece, yet the design is so modern. That deep diamond tufting is also amazing!

Asymmetric Modern Sofa

modern sofa

Overall: 40.25″ H x 102.75″ W x 28.25″ D

This stitched seams modern sofa is made of various foam densities for enhanced comfort; while the legs are die-cast aluminum with polished chrome or powder coat paint finish. It is definitely a good pick for a cozier living room.

Sectional High-End Sofa

high-end sofa

Overall: 28″ H x 126″ W x 63″ D

The bold color and the interesting design make this innovative high-end sofa, a must-have in every modern and playful home. Just imagine all the deep conversations your guests can have while comfortably seated.

Rich Looking Sleeper Sofa

rich looking sofa

Overall: 29.5″ H x 88″ W x 42.5″ D

Comfort is the main feature of this sleeper sofa It is both rich looking and multi-functional. Fabrics used are antimicrobial, antibacterial and dry 25% faster than non-treated fabrics.

Modern Kidney Bean Shaped Sofa

modern shaped sofa

Overall: 37″ H x 105″ W x 53″ D

This modern sofa could really go anywhere, couldn’t it? Modern kidney bean shaped sofa is a versatile and easy-to-decorate-with piece of furniture that you and your guests will be happy to see. I love the tufted detailing and those lumbar pillows.

Modular Unique Sofa

unique sofa

Overall: 33″ H x 87″ W x 31″ D

This modular sofa has the exceptional styling of top grain leather with a formed oak back stained brown frame, which radiates a unique look! And it looks nice all the time –The cushions of this sofa are firmer but more comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.

Stunning Unique Sofa

unique sofa

Overall: 32″ H x 85″ W x 34″ D

This special design of sofa is more than inviting you to lie back and relax. It’s definitely style meets functionality. This piece will be a perfect accent for your living room, foyer, entryway or bedroom.

Mid Century Modern Leather Sofa

modern leather sofa

Overall: 27.5″ H x 86.6″ W x 33.8″ D

Even though the design is of simple shapes and lines, the effect it generates is stunning, not losing one bit of the comfort you are supposed to get from a sofa. Chic and inviting, this sofa represents the infinite possibilities one might find comfort in their living room. The single row “Blind button” tufting softens the appearance with a classic touch.

It is 100% Upholstered in genuine top grain premium soft aniline leather, stitched and crafted by hand.

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