40 m2 Apartment Design with Spring Accents

Particular apartment is only 40 m2. The owners wanted to make it more functional, as the living area is really small. The apartment was replanned. As well demolished several partitions and set up two rooms with the same total area. In one locating kitchen united with living room and a small work area, while in the second- bedroom and bathroom. As a result, the interior experienced a radical change.

Apartment design was made more fun, expressive, filled with a variety of accessories, such as decorative pillows, paintings, indoor plants – flowers, floor mats and other bright accents. Furnishing were made of white acrylic material. As well walls were chosen in white, neutral color, so that space obtains the maximum sunlight.

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small apartment design ideas

kitchen united with living room

designed table

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A very modern, playful and well thought interior in a small apartment. How you think?

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