18 Beautiful Curtains for Sliding Glass Door

While glass doors do bring along with them plenty of advantages, like great natural ventilation and ultra-stylish designs, it can be a bit problem at times. This is precisely where curtains for sliding glass doors come in.

It can also turn your sliding glass doors into better insulators and hence aid in cutting down the power consumption of your heating or cooling systems. While they appear like simple additions that often take a backseat to the more fancy furnishings, curtains for sliding glass doors can truly uncover a whole new world of benefits for your home. The key to making it work is the simplicity of usage and the ease with which you can control natural light using curtain panels.

Check out these 18 Beautiful Curtains for Sliding Glass Door we have gathered, just for you! And I can guarantee you that one of them can help you to maintain the beauty of your glass front door.

Extra-Wide Curtain Panel (84 inches)

extra wide curtain

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Curtains for sliding glass doors bring pretty much everything to the table including our much-needed privacy. Take a look at this beautiful extra wide curtain, in just a slide, you can have all the personal space that you need.

One of the best features of this patio door curtain is that it offers significant energy savings since it can block up to 99% of light. It is made out of superior Thermaweave technology, providing flawless coverage with three easy to hang options.

Wait, there’s more, it can be a perfect solution to reduce noise too! These curtain panels reduce sound between rooms, as well as soften the sound in the rooms themselves.

The overall dimension of each panel is 84″ L x 100″ W x 0.25″, available in elegant Charcoal color with a solid pattern.

Single Curtain Panel for Sliding Door (84 inches)

curtain panel

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This is one of my favorite! A durable single panel curtain, next to sliding glass doors accentuate the look of your interiors even from the outside. Made from 100% polyester fabric with soft acrylic insulation which helps saves energy. And like most sliding curtains, it helps maintain privacy as it keeps the room darker.

It has Antique bronze grommet with 1.5 inches diameter opening, while the panel length is 84 inches from top to bottom. Pleats beautifully, plus you can enjoy a variety of color options from white, sage, blue, taupe and ivory.

Single Panel Sliding Glass Door Curtains (84/95 inch)

sliding glass door curtains

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Add a sense of freshness to your living room or bedroom with this sliding glass door curtains. If you are looking for a curtain panel sheer enough to let in light but solid enough to provide privacy, this 95-inch curtain will be a good choice. It comes in Aqua and Gray color options with a circular branch pattern that adds to its upbeat appearance.

You may want to consider checking important details such as rod diameter (fits up to 1.25 inches); while panel lengths come in 84 and 95 inches.

Simple and Charming White Curtain Panel (63/84 inch)

white curtain panel

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Are you wondering what creative solutions are out there for sliding glass doors, wherein it will still reflect light and give the space a more open feeling?

Wonder no more because nowadays, modern dining area and patio connected with sliding glass doors were best hidden behind white curtain panels. This particular white sheer curtain panel has intricate embroidery of a floral geometric pattern for a refreshing update. Indeed, a perfect combination of simple yet charming effect.

This white curtain panel comes in two lengths: 63 and 84 inches curtains, while the rod pocket diameter is at 1.25 inches standard size.

Beautiful Look Light-filtering Curtain Panel (84 inches)

curtain panel

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Give your sliding glass door depth! Think about this layer curtain panel in the living room. It has beautiful layers of light-filtering curtain panel, creating a flowing silhouette that gracefully flow to the floor. This attractive white curtain panel is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable for easy care. The package includes one panel with 84 inches length.

Single Sheer Curtain Panel (63/84/90/95 inch)

sheer curtain panel

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Interested in a covering that would give your room privacy without blocking out the too much natural light? Choose this sheer curtain panel over the sliding doors, to keep things airy and preserve the view.

You can still see through them but gives you a little privacy during the day. In addition, they’ll give the room a nice glow because they diffuse light.

These privacy curtains offer almost limitless options in terms of color. Choose from Red, Gold, White, Pink, Purple, Orange, Plum, Black and much more.

Its side to side panel width is 56 inches while a variety of panel lengths are available from 63/84/90/95 inches.

Elegant 84 Inch Curtain Panels (Set of 2)

84 inch curtain

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Using unique decor and elegant curtain panels to hide away the sliding glass doors wouldn’t hurt, it actually looks great! Just like this thin and lightweight 84-inch curtain, I also love the antique lace edges. And since it’s made of cotton and linen, it gives a breezier feeling, letting the light in but solid enough to provide privacy in our busy neighborhood.

This sliding curtain comes in a set of 2 panels and available in Off-white color. It can accommodate up to 3 inches rod pocket diameter, maximum length is 84 inches.

Checkered Curtain Panel (54/63/80/84/112 inch)

checkered curtain

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This is yet one of the finest picks from our sliding door curtain selections, a stunning checkered curtain. Not only it allows you to instantly change the mood of your space, it also saves you from the disappointment of having a creased and wrinkled curtain panels every time you washed them since its wrinkle resistant.

Select from a variety of color options: Gray, Pink, Teal, and Yellow. Alike with the above glass door curtains, per set includes 2 panels and accessible in different lengths, from 54,63,80,84, the longest is at 122 inches. While the side to side width starts from 40, 54, 63, up to 80 inches.

Wonderful Floral Curtain Panel (84/96/108/120 inch)

floral curtain panel

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Pick this wonderful floral curtain panel to add character to your living space. This one-panel curtain is customized from the finest cotton twill, refined with a weighted hem and shade.

This collection will be a gorgeous addition to your Foyer, Kitchen, Bedroom, Living and Dining room.

Please consider the dimensions should you feel this one suits your need: side to side width is 50 inches, lengths vary from 84, 96, 108 and 120 inches.

Modern Curtain Panel Available in 11 Different Colors (84 inches)

modern curtain panel

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This modern curtain panel can definitely adorn your sliding glass doors in style! Available in 11 Different Colors which blend in with the decor beautifully. To name a few colors were baby pink, lilac, mint, turquoise, wheat, beige, burgundy and lot more.

On top of everything, this light blocking curtains can help reduce noise and proven to be energy efficient.

Panels can be hung one by one, and each set includes two muji sheer panels and two blackout curtains to give you the creative freedom to produce various layered looks that will suit your personal style.

You may want to take note the panel size (84″ L x 52″ W) and grommet diameter (1.6 “) for future reference.

Mini Flower Sheer Curtain Panel (84/96 inch)

sheer curtain panel

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Sheer curtain panels next to your sliding glass door installations bring along with them both fabulous look and ergonomic function.

Check out these stunning patio door curtains with elegant eyelet embroidered designs. The mini flower eyelet cut-outs are effortless and cool. Available in 2 colors: White and Ivory, they are unlined and provides semi-privacy which is good if you prefer to still have a glimpse of the outside view.

For your buying reference in the future, these sliding door curtains come in 2 panels, side to side width of 52 inches, lengths are 84 and 96 inches.

Beautiful 84 Inch Hang Motifs Curtain Panels (Set of 2)

curtain panels

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This curtain panel defines simplicity at its best! Sold as panel pair for quick and easy window coverage each measuring 52″W x 84″L.

Beautifully crafted rod pocket panels allow plenty of natural light to filter into a room. Perfect for your living room, bedroom, family room, dining room, bathroom, office or any other window space that that adds just the right amount of trend and style to any decor.

This 84-inch curtain is made of 100% cotton and available in stylish Zest color.

Triad Gold Printed Cotton Twill Curtain Panel (84/96/108/120 inch)

curtain panel

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Hanging up this triad gold printed curtain panel will surely make your guests complimenting every time they visit your home. They are easy to open/close, they look beautiful and really bring attention to the floor to ceiling. Offered in gold /white color with geometric pattern, this single panel curtain is tailored from the finest 100% cotton twill and includes pole pocket with hook belt and back tabs. Each panel measures 50 inches wide, while lengths by your choice of 84, 96, 108 or 120 inches long.

Take note however that this curtain panel is for dry clean only to preserve its color and fabric quality. Feel free to consider this to your place for a relaxed and polished look!

Modern Patio Door Curtain Panel (84/96/108/120 inch)

patio door curtain panel

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What’s best about this modern patio door curtain is that it has a great material that barely wrinkles. They are refined with a weighted hem and shade enhanced lining which is not too heavy to put up but good enough to block light or heat. It has a remarkable yet edgy pattern which you don’t usually find in local curtain stores. Comes in a single panel and includes pole pocket with hook belt and back tabs.

Great for the living room, dining room or bedroom, these sliding curtains are an easy way to add color and style when decorating your home.

Set of 2, 84″ Long Sheer Curtain Panels

sheer curtain panels

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This sheer curtain panel was a Moroccan-inspired design which is recommended if you are looking for a low to medium privacy behind your sliding glass doors. Its sheer faux linen allows just the right amount of light to shine through which creates a delicate yet stylish appearance. Each set includes 2 curtain panels, ideal for bedroom sliding door curtains. Panel dimension is 84″ L x 52″ W; Rod Pocket Diameter: 1.25 “.

Classic Blue Patio Door Curtains, 2 Panels Included (84 inches)

patio door curtains

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This patio door curtain is more of a traditional design but will never fail to give your sliding doors an upbeat look. Each panel is carefully lined with white cotton fabric and has a scalloped edging which is simply classic. It includes 2 matching tie backs and available in panel pair, measures 84″ L x 40″ W, with a solid blue colored pattern.

Light Blocking Curtain Panel Set (84 inches)

light blocking curtain

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A lovely light-blocking curtain panel set will serve you well if you want to keep from getting up at the crack of dawn or staying awake because of the street lights. It has a pretty scalloped edge panels lined with white cotton in a tan, burgundy and navy plaid fabric. Panel size is 84″ L x 40″ W.

This curtain panel is a must buy especially for those who live nearby parking lots, busy streets or neighborhood and if your sliding doors are on the side where morning light streams into the sliding glass doors.

Set of 2 Patio Door Curtain Panels (63/84 inches)

patio door curtain panels

This patio door curtain panels complete a room with a style and a lot of functions. They help control the light, lend privacy and warmth, affirm your style, and add texture and color.

I adore the black stencil stars pattern with tattered edges in assorted crème and dark gray panels, producing a speckled look. Available in single fabric, accessible in 2 sizes: 63″ L x 36″ W and 84″ L x 40″ W.

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