A Beautiful Penthouse Designed in Grey Colors with Green Accents

This beautiful house is located in Spain and designed and remodeled by Laura Ehlis. She has chosen for base color combinations of light to intense gray. Bravely designer has used colors for living room and dining area where the walls where painted charcoal gray, as well in the same tone where selected furniture and texture. As the designer said, “I dared to put these tones because of many yards, four winds, natural light and a large terrace”.

Laura as well admitted, that well thought out solution, for example, where new venetian blinds, which helped to create a feeling of lightness, it passed through a lot of daylight and where the same color as the slats of oak parquet. As it was necessary to unify materials and colors in one design, where used the same color cushions.

Furniture, accessories, work surfaces and textures where chosen from such brands as: CADO, Memoranda, Pomax, Smeg and Silestone for bathroom. The kitchen where designed by Laura Ehlis, but ordered individually from Ebenisteria Martín Rodes. In turn, the work surface where chosen white from CORIAN, because this surface does not leave stains, as it is non porous, so even white surface will be practical and look ideal in long term.

beautiful house interior in grey colors

grey interior design with green accents by Laura Ehlis

house interior design grey with greenaccents designed by Laura Ehlis

house kitchen design in gray

living room design in charcoal gray

white kitchen design with yellow green accents

beautiful bedroom design with gray wall

bathroom design with silestone

Overall, the interior design is well thought out – it is expensive, beautiful and at the same time very practical.

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