Feminine Bedroom Decorated in Classic Style

When people talk about classic style, they tend to share two categories- one who like or love this style, others- who does not have any feelings or does not like it at all. However, the fact that classics style has its own charm and lasting value has not changed for centuries. It mainly is characterized by wooden furniture with a strong wood texture, rounded corners, different curves usually decorated with carvings. In textile dominate linen, cotton, velvet and sometimes silk.

Particular bedroom is located in an ancient, decorated in a classical style and judging from the furniture, colors and accessories, it is designed for a very feminine lady. Tasteful, delicate color, which literally merge with the amazing view outside the window. It seems that in such a room would be nice to stay at any time of the day. Interior is designed in warm tones, that are noticeable in wooden furniture, in accessories, and on the walls, rise a cozy and positive emotions.







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