Great Ideas and Useful Tips to Create Built-In Wardrobe for Men, Women and Children

There are no two people who are completely similar with the same lifestyle, as well the size and layout of built-in wardrobe tend to vary depending on the amount of belongings and of each person’s habits.

So, before you start to plan built-in closet, pay attention to the needs of each member of the family according to their individual habits. Further let’s talk about what should be taken into account when planning wardrobe for men, women and children.

built in wardrobe ideas for men, women and childrens

At first you have to understand the purpose for which you want to obtain a wardrobe. Or in other words, what you intend to store in it.  Once you will know  it, you will find it easier to understand how to plan internal layout.

Built-In Wardrobe for Women

built-in wardrobe ideas for women

A woman should plan built-in wardrobe according to her needs. Take into account the amount of clothes and other stuff you have. Select- which of clothes can be stored folded, and which of them are required to hang. Where will be stored coats and dresses? Whether they are long or short? It is also necessary to take into account the number of shoes, bags and accessories. Each stuff should find its place in closet. Planning will help you understand the amount of space you’ll need.

Consider everything carefully. Ideally, make a list, that shows all stuff and clothes wich will be stored in the closet. So you’ll avoid an unpleasant surprises and phrases like: “Ups!…., I forgot about it!” 🙂

Useful Ideas:

• Shallow drawers are a good option for delicate laundry storage, but do not forget the deeper drawers that are suitable for socks and folding clothes.
• Pull-out tie holder in a woman’s closet can serve as a long necklace storage.
• Use boxes and bags. Take photos of your stuff and stick on them. This way you will always maintain order and will be able to quickly and easily find everything.

built in wardrobe ideas for women

Built-In Wardrobe for Men

For well-dressed man, needs a well organized closet layout. The best way is to analyze and plan your wardrobe according to your lifestyle. Make a list of all items which you will store in closet and you will get clear picture of what kind of wardrobe you need to obtain.

For example, if you are in business then you certainly have suits, shirts and accessories. Clothes as jackets, shirts, suit pants, coats and all other clothes that can not be folded should be stored on hangers. But sportswear, sweaters, t-shirts and shorts, can be folded and stored on shelves or pull-out baskets.  Therefore, you should consider providing hangers, shelves and accessories like shoe rods, wire baskets, and drawers.

Useful Ideas:

• Ties and belts can be stored in drawers with separators.
• If you have limited space, then you can use special hanger for belts or  use pull-out tie holder for both- ties and belts.

built in wardrobe ideas for men

Built-In Wardrobe for Children

As children grow very quickly and their needs, sizes keep changing, the best option is to order the cabinet with adjustable shelf heights. It will be suitable as for infant as well for teenager. Only be sure to have enough shelves, drawers and pull-out baskets. It’s important that each case has its place. This way child will learn to maintain order from an early age.

When family is sharing a closet space, it’s vital to have a place in wardrobe that stores only the child’s belongings. Child should know that it is his private area, but at the same time, have the knowledge that all the stuff needs to be in place.

built in wardrobe ideas for children

This is not the last article on the built-in wardrobes. I will be writing a lot more about how to design closet layout and choose sliding door design, so make sure you subscribe to the feed.

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