Chic and Elegant Interior Design for Private Townhouse in Lisbon, Portugal

This elegant interior design is created by Spanish architect Pinto Basto. Because home owners have active social life, one of the main tasks for architect was to design an elegant and comfortable residential environment which would be suitable for the reception of guests. To realize this challenge, home was divided into many zones, while maintaining the feeling of spaciousness. Special attention was paid to the living and dining areas solution allowing to enjoy the wonderful views outside the window.

To maintain chic and elegant interior was used high-quality finishing materials from leather and velvet. As well huge importance was given to details, decors and accessories, even the ceiling was decorated by using natural skin. Completed by the soft, pastel colors, interior creates a very gentle and feminine look. So, it would be interesting to know what about this interior design our lady readers think?

chic and elegant interior for living room

elegant interior design for townhouse in Portugal

chic and elegant interior design for private townhouse in Lisbon Portugal

feminine interior design for house in Spain

white house kitchen design

elegant design for dining space

elegant house bedroom in soft pastel colors

elegant interior design for bathroom

elegant interior design


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