Chick and Elegant Eclectic Style Residence in London, Wimbledon

This eclectic style multi level residence is located in London, Wimbledon and has designed by a British interior designer, Rebecca Leivars, who has wonderfully managed to combine multiple styles like classic, old, rustic and modern into one interior so that none of them dominates the other.

Rebecca for this interior design as dominant colors has chosen pastel shades and highlighted with few bright accents like red phone, emerald blue lounge chair in the working area, cranberry colored lampshades in bedroom or turquoise sofa in the living room- gives a special touch to this soft, gentle and light interior. Inspiring place where to live!

eclectic style interior design for residence in London

eclectic style design by Rebecca Leivars

chick elegant interior design by Rebecca Leivars

eclectic style interior design

interior design eclectic style classic with rustic

classic old rustic modern interior design

classic style bedroom with_chick wall decoration

elegant bedroom interior with classic furniture

modern classic bathroom with red brick wall

wood wall kitchen with classic kitchen furniture

rustic style kitchen with classic white furniture white wall tiles

classic old kitchen design with rustic ceiling lamp

eclectic dining area with rustic elements

wood kitchen wall white classic furniture

eclectic home work space with brick wall

eclectic living space in London

modern eclectic kids room with classic style sofa

kids room with classic furniture

modern kids room with classic furniture

Rebecca Leivars interior design for home in London

bathroom design decored classic style with chick floor tiles

white wall tiles for eclectic bathroom

interior white brick tiles for eclectic bathroom

house outdoor living

outdoor terrace design

residence in London decored electic style

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