Childrens Night Lights: 10 Cute and Amazing Pet Lamps by Offi and Mr. Maria

These childrens night lights are really amazing and cute interior accents and not only in kids room, but as well, will add deeper look in teens room and as well in modern minimal interior. Actually, its charming Dachshund design will make it the center of attention in any room. These pet lamps feature a non-toxic molded plastic construction and brought to life by a low voltage replaceable bulb and it puts out a nice, soft glow.

These pet lamps caught my attention right away. Very cute! It’s a great addition to any room on table or on floor and will be a surprisingly cute gift for any. So I created this collection to share with you my discovery and tell about these pet lamp design authors. I hope that these childrens night lights will inspire you in the same way. Enjoy!

Childrens Night Lights by Mr. Maria Dutch Design

Mr. Maria is Dutch design studio based in Amsterdam and created by Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker. With love and passion they from simple shape clouds create pure, clean and warm creations like elephants, rabbits, light bears to fit for any interior and children of all ages. Design which awakens the child within and simply makes us smile. As designers say: “We don’t make products, we create stars”

Their most popular products are Mr. Maria pet lamps created from non-toxic molded plastic in different sizes. These lamps are quite large, therefore creates a very effective look. The light is soft and pets are so tenderly and cute.

Mr. Maria Nanuk Bear Lamp

nanuk bear lamp

Mr. Maria Miffy Rabbit Lamp HL

miffy rabbit lamp

Mr. Maria Miffy Rabbit Lamp Small

miffy rabbit lamp small

Mr. Maria Miffy Cloud Rabbit

miffy cloud rabbit

Mr. Maria Anana Elephant Lamp

anana elephant lamp

Pet lamps by Offi design

OFFI was created with love thinking about great design. They design modern and creative furniture and as well childrens night lamps with simple, beautiful and clear lines that add interest and deeper look at home in any modern space in the world. Particular, these Offi pet lamps are created with a modern, cute and multifunctional use that will be not only as a nice accessory for the interior, but also a great gift for kids, because on pet lamps can draw with washable markers.


my pet lamp dachshund

Offi Piggy Pet Lamp

piggy lamp

SIAMESE Cat Pet Lamp by Offi

siamese cat lamp


childrens night lights

TERRIBEAR Pet Lamp by Offi Design

terribear pet lamp

These children’s night lamps are not the cheapest ones, but its design and appearance are amazing. And what is coolest that it design fit for any interior and children of all ages. These night pet lamps price vary starting from $79 to $268 American dollars or from 52- 175 British pounds. As well, Offi design lamps are available in several colors as white, pink, yellow, sun yellow, blue and green.

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