Children’s room is a special and important place. That is why planning a child’s room is the responsible thing for all parents. So, before to start doing it’s worth a couple of things to take into account.

First of all children room design should be multifunctional. Since this room includes a place for games, practical work, dressing and relax. Therefore, it is important to remember before ordering the furniture- it needs to be transformable. Try to buy the model, the height of which can be adjusted as the child grows. The best is versatile design, which consists of ladders, shelves, bunk beds, lockers, cabinets and slides. As the children are very active-they jump, run and climb- then a very good thing for the kids rooms is a carpet. It gives the room a warm and soften the floor, in case if child falls. And finally the materials for children furniture should be environmentally friendly. It is advisable to use a wooden furniture, it is a proven option.

And now, everything to be more clearer, lets look on 30 great interior design inspirations of functional and cozy kids rooms.

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girls room in purple

shared room for girls

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