Christmas time is one of the most awaited celebrations as for adults as well for children. And it’s not just about presents giving, but about the magical decorations that can be seen around every house and yard. Despite the fact that till Christmas Eve is almost two months, this is the right time to start thinking about decorating your home in a holiday mood. Therefore, from today we begin the new series of articles called “Christmas Home Decorations” to share with you a wide range of Christmas holiday ideas for house decorating, so a bit easier this creative process.

In this article, we have collected 40 brilliant Christmas stairs decorations. As you will see in photos possibilities are many. From classic swags of greens with red accents and Santa Claus till snowy white lighted decorations with modern touch. For Christmas stairs decorations choose style and colors that you like best – for romantic style attach some bows and ball ornaments in light muted colors, for the rustic style add burlap, wood and lanterns. Greeting cards, pine garlands, photos and different paper decorations will be suitable for any stairs. Take a look and get inspired by Christmas mood!


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