Colorful Interior Design for Austin Lake House in Texas, US

This colorful interior design has been created thanks to the two talented interior designers – Amy Casey and Courtney St John. They several years ago together combining their talents and skills, established their own interior design company – Casey St John Interiors. Today, in the company’s portfolio can be found many wonderful works including project, called “Austin Lake House”, which attracted our attention mainly because of bright color combinations and texture. It is modern house on the lake with equally modern interior design where can be felt style, elegance and a great dose of positive emotions.

Let the pictures speak. Enjoy!

Austin Lake House

lake house living room interior with violet accents

interior design for lake house by Amy Casey and Courtney St John

lake house kitchen design in white

house living room design

colorful interior design for austin lake house in Texas US

rest area for lake house

colorful interior design for house in Texas

dining area for lake house

elegant house bedroom with violet accents

elegant bedroom with violet

lake house kids bedroom with turquoise accents

cream color bedroom for lake house

white cream bathroom design for lake house

toilet in white for lake house

lake house design

outdoor leisure area for lake house

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