Quick Guide How to Use Most Popular Colors in the Interior

Nowadays, there is a lot of colors and shades and therefore most of us have no idea in what proportions and how the best can be used colors, to gain really good results. This article is not intended to tell you in depth about the colors and shades, but to create an impression how to use most popular colors in the interior, with concrete examples, and color combinations. You can use them as a quick guide for better interior decoration.

Continue to follow us, because soon we will look at every color depth with several examples and color variations. It will be interesting!


Red color

The red color and its shades are perfectly consistent with one another. However, when using that color, worth remembering that it is very expressive, but in the same time some shades can be very warm and perfectly match for living room or lighter shades for bedroom. It can also be used as a great accent shade of a particular wall.



Orange color

Orange color symbolizes warmth, energy and positivism. In the interior this color is used quite often, mainly in the different accessories or highlighting a particular wall. As well as with the red color, the orange shades should be used with caution and in moderation. For example, children’s room wall accented with light orange combined with a gentle warm cream will look really great.



Brown color

By itself brown color is quite plain when used alone without the other colors that make it stand out, such as orange. At the same time this color allows you to relax perfectly, so it is recommended to use it in the bedroom or lounge emphasizing it with expressive color accessories.



Yellow color

Sun, strength, life and of course a dose of positivism. These qualities belong with yellow color. It brings to life and warms the interior, but it also includes several cool tones. Excellently stands out on a gray background. It will suite in all rooms, so it could be used as well for accessories as walls, but with a measure. Take in to account that the yellow color increases appetite.



Green color

Often, the green color is used as a neutral shade to create a calm and balanced atmosphere in the interior. Moreover, some green shades match well with almost any other color. Green symbolizes life, health and well-being.

Depending on shades, green color can affect both- calming and activating. Choosing green walls as a keynote need to be accurate, so it does not over-stand, which can cause quite a depressing feeling.



Blue color

Blue color range is wide from gentle light blue to navy, deep color. Depending on the color hues and light, it can be warm and icy at the same time. Light blue small space optically expands, but dark blue, reduces it.

Overall, the blue color in the interior creates a good atmosphere, calm and relaxing, as well it helps to focus, so its ideal for a workroom.



Violet color

Undeniably violet color has a classy look, it comes from a mix of two colors – warm red and cold blue. Depending on the shades can be warm and cool. In large space all walls painted in violet can be too depressing, so the violet color interior designers recommend to use in variety of accessories together with neutral background, thus way giving the interior an elegant and expressive look.



Gray color

Gray color ranges from white to black, it is consistent with any color and tone, leaving you free to improvise with the different combinations. Psychologists describe this as color of peace and balance. Definitely do not afraid to use gray as the keynote, but combine it with brighter accents. Depending on the desired atmosphere, choose more peaceful or vibrant shades. To give a bit of elegance to the interior, combined gray with pink, blue, purple and green tones.



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