Having problems keeping your bikes without cluttering your home or garage? Is there a better way that will both protect your bicycle and keep it accessible for daily use? If yes, then without any doubt, the best way to go is to invest in outdoor bike storage.

Why choose an outdoor bike storage? Well, there’s actually many reasons as well as benefits.

  • Your bike will be safer and less likely to be stolen in a secured bike storage.
  • Bike storage can safeguard your rides from the harsh environmental elements.
  • Keeping your bike in outdoor storage frees up clutter in your home, garage or shed.
  • It can serve as an extra storage for gardening tools, bike accessories, and the likes.

One of the biggest considerations in owning a bike is bicycle storage. That is why in this article, we have round up 10 incredible outdoor bike storage solutions. Each product comes with their own pros and cons, so let’s get down and compare them one by one!

Wooden Vertical Bicycle Storage Shed

wooden bicycle storage shed

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This good-looking wooden bicycle storage shed can hold approximately two bikes. Since it has double doors, storing other kinds of stuff like helmets, chain lube, gloves or even some of your garden tools comes with ease.

Overall dimension is 6′ H x 6′ W x 2′ 6” D; whereas the interior width is 67″. It requires a foundation made of either pressure treated wood or concrete with at least 6′ W x 2′ 6″ dimension. While assembly requires 2 persons, but once you have it up, it is sturdy and worthy of your patience.

Last but not the least, this wooden bicycle storage is weatherproof. You are guaranteed that your bikes are nice and dry.


  • Very strong and heavy because of the solid birch wood base material.
  • Made from a renewable resource, and environmentally friendly.
  • Since wood is a great insulator, it resists the outside temperature.
  • Good choices for those concerned with aesthetics.


  • Requires some maintenance over time.
  • The shed is not fade resistant.
  • The roofing felt can be torn because it was folded instead of rolled in the package.
  • Tend to be a little pricier per square foot than the plastic and aluminum option.


You should be ready to maintain a wooden shed regularly. A wood material needs a significant level of maintenance throughout its lifespan, such as applying a preserving sealer or staining.

You may address the roofing felt to be rolled instead of being folded before the actual purchase to prevent it from tearing apart. Otherwise, you may resort buying an extra roll locally to keep its weatherproof purpose. Adding shingles, outside of a roof or a wall can also be a good alternative solution.

Compact Outdoor Metal Bike Storage

compact outdoor bike storage

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This metal bike storage box offers you accessibility, compact design, and high security. It has PVC coated galvanized steel panels which can save you time for maintenance and clear your worries about fire. The doors are spring loaded to make them easy to lift up and out of the way.

It also features two locking option on both sides for improved security. It can store 3 adult bikes, cycling equipment, and other gardening tools. On assembly, it requires 2 people.

Overall dimension is 4′ 4” H x 6′ 5” W x 2′ 11” D, while the interior is 4′ 4 1/2” H x 6′ 5”. Color options are in green or cream.


  • Materials used are fire, water, and mildew resistant.
  • Corrosion-free (25 years guarantee).
  • Requires less to no maintenance at all.
  • Well secured, a thief would need to be armed and persistent to beat it.
  • Metal sheds are safe from rats, insects or woodworm as they are rodent proof.


  • The space, security, and durability of this metal storage shed come at a price.
  • Does not have the same aesthetic appeal of a wooden shed.
  • Cannot be painted.


The unit can bolt directly to concrete, although you have an option to build a kiln-dried wood base (1/4” metal base provided) due to fog moisture.

Portable Plastic Outdoor Bike Storage

portable plastic outdoor bike storage

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When you have no extra space in your garage, this plastic bike storage is the product for you! It measures 74″ wide x 30″ deep x 65″ high. With a storage capacity of 81 cubic ft. And can fit two adult bicycles with some room for a few other things.

It’s a freestanding outdoor bike storage. And once it’s completely assembled, it can be moved around easily.


  • Reinforced seams, strong full zippers from top to bottom.
  • Water shedding design to hide/access two adult bikes.
  • Quick & easy set-up (no tools required, less than 15 minutes).
  • Space-saving size suits any yard.
  • Made of heavy-duty materials, weatherproof and UV protected.


  • The shed is top heavy and wobbly.
  • Not a long-term solution since canvass will fade or ripped in the long run.
  • Limited storing capacity.


The shed can be mounted on concrete or wood using the screw holes provided. But, if you are going to set up the tent in a windy area, you would need to fix this storage shed to the ground.

If you’re after for a simple, affordable bike storage solution, the YardStash III is a great choice for you!

Double Door Wooden Bicycle Storage Shed

double door wooden bicycle storage shed

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Who would not love this wooden outdoor bike storage? Imagine how lovely the smell of Western Red Cedar wood. This can be a great addition to the side of your garage. It is also best suited for people with large yards, lane-ways or unused parking spaces.

With its overall dimension of 8′ H x 8′ W x 4′ D, it will be large enough to hold 3-4 bikes depending on size. On the inside, the wooden bike storage is more than 7ft wide.

The materials, packaging, labeling of the parts and assembly instructions are well composed. But it requires some tools like the drill, hammer and level.


  • Top quality workmanship and material.
  • Free shipping.
  • Weather, water, and rot resistant.
  • Great aesthetic appeal.
  • Quick to change the style for increased storage benefits.


  • Requires high level of maintenance.
  • High priced than other outdoor bike storage in the market.
  • Some customer complains about a bent header.
  • Pitch of the roof is not the best for the snow to nicely fall off.


Some recommendations when you choose this wooden outdoor bike storage:

  • Stain the wood regularly to maintain its natural classic look.
  • You may also opt to have it delivered on a pallet. This can save you time unloading it since your order will be dropped right next to your doorstep.
  • You can also add shelves or hooks to maximize your storage capacity.

Multi-functional Plastic Storage Shed

multi-functional plastic storage shed

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Here’s a secure but budget-friendly way to keep your bikes and cycling gear dry and accessible. A universal bike storage that has everything you need!

multi-functional storage shed
It has a low profile design, that could fit under standard 6-feet fences, without hassle. You don’t even need to bend over to get something inside it. It has 75 cu. ft. storage capacity, which can store 2 large garbage cans. It is of course a good place for bicycles, mowers, kits and other gear. Outside dimensions: 4′ 3 11/16” H x 3′ 5 7/32” W x 6′ 2 3/4” D ; interior dimensions: 4′ 3/4” H x 3′ 1 1/4” W x 5′ 9 13/16” D.

It is made with dual-wall heavy duty panels with steel wall supports for added strength.


  • It is a heavy duty and maintenance-free bike storage.
  • Works great for a small workbench.
  • It’s spacious for two bikes and adequate for three, plus other small stuff.
  • Weather / water / rot / rust / mildew resistant.
  • It has a stain-resistant exterior that never needs painting.
  • It comes with an external hinged latch that fits a standard padlock.
  • Free shipping.


  • It requires a flat, level base.
  • Assembly requires 2 people.
  • Some customers complain that the screws have a tendency to pull out.


The instructions in the user manual are fairly easy to follow. Read the directions one by one and follow exactly. You may lube the dovetails with a little WD-40 or dish soap to ease joining.

You may also try using rivets, in case the screws pull off.

Simple and Secure Metal Storage Shed

simple and secure metal storage shed

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Metal bike sheds are tidy isolated units that can sit at the end of each backyard, without being an eyesore. It’s actually a perfect complement to any patio, garage, and garden areas. It has a manageable size of 7′ 7” H x 7′ 9 3/4” W x 7′ 2” D. With an interior dimension of 7′ 6” H x 7′ 6” W x 6′ 6” D. A pretty good size to hold 4 adult bikes, plus some garden tools, equipment, pool supplies and more. You will need at least 2 people to put up the walls.

It has a swing door design which offers more than 33% larger entryway. The doors are set on 3 hinges for extra durability. When it is opened, it gives a 51.5″ width, which makes storing large, bulky items easier than before.

Colors available are charcoal, cream, and a combination of the 2 colors.


  • The galvanized steel construction protects from rain, wind and snow loads.
  • It offers 50% faster assembly, simply snap panels into place.
  • It has gable vents for better air circulation and temperature regulation.
  • It offers a 12-year warranty, so you can be sure in the quality.
  • It is a good alternative to building a wooden shed.
  • Free shipping.


  • It requires a clean smooth surface to assemble or the panels will get dented and scratched.
  • You have to buy additional material to build the base of the shed.
  • The floor is not included in the listing.
  • Some customers complain about loose screws.


The individual shed parts can feel a little fragile, but once the shed is together, it is quite stable. It is vital to make sure that everything is level and squared, or your holes won’t line up.

The instructions are clear and every single piece is properly labeled. If you follow directions well, it will be much easier. Since the foundation is not included, the shed can be used with a wood or concrete foundation.

The compatible part number for the floor kit is FKEZEE, while the Anchor Kit Part Number AK4, AK100.

Waterproof Outdoor Bike Cover

waterproof outdoor bike cover
waterproof bike cover

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This outdoor bike cover keeps dust, rain, and mud, from the bikes. This is very helpful during long travel. It keeps debris from splattering across your frame while your bike is on a vehicle roof rack. It’s a portable bike cover that is fairly light and easy to store when not in use.

It covers most 1 or 2 full size bicycles up to 73″ long x 35″ wide. It is so much nicer being able to cover your bikes completely and have it as clean as when you stored it.


  • It has stretchy covers that offer protection for your handlebar, front fork, top tube, and seat.
  • Comes with adjustable front and back panel to fit many bikes.
  • It’s made of 100% polyester and water resistant.
  • It has Velcro flap holes through the sides, to lock the bike and attach it to something secure.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • The cover on the handlebars and seat rubs should be reinforced with a more sturdy material.
  • The fit is good once installed but is tight for two bicycles.
  • Limited lifespan of the cover if 100% exposed to sunlight all year round.
  • Limited storage capacity.


If you want to cover 2 bikes, place them side-by-side, in opposite directions. This way, you don’t get a big bulge at the handlebars.

Durable Plastic Outside Bike Storage

durable plastic outside bike storage

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Nothing beats a plastic outdoor bike storage that can fit a narrow parking space. It could be next to the house or even under your deck.

Its size is 6′ 1” H x 4′ W x 7′ 11 19/32” D, pretty enough to transform a slim side of your home into protected storage space. It’s a lean-to shed designed with high headroom for tall gardening tools. It has a 7ft depth with 30″ wide reversible door opening that can be placed on either side.

It has room for up to 4 mountain or road bikes and shelves for accessories like helmets, chain lube, gloves, etc. It is plastic storage solution that has a lot of good things about it. A simple design, comfortable size and, best of all a great price that includes free shipping.


  • It consumes a small footprint, but enough space for your bicycle and other stuff.
  • Made from all-weather durable vinyl, long-lasting and maintenance-free.
  • Made with strong metal structure tested for 20lb snow load.
  • Door handle includes padlock eye to secure shed.
  • Flower Box and Foundation already included in the listing.
  • It can surpass strong winds (80 mph wind rating) when anchored to the ground and tested.
  • Dependable Product Warranty for 15 Years.
  • Good shed for the price.


  • Few customers complain about flimsy material.
  • Some users requesting for better direction and marking on parts.
  • Assembly requires 2 people to put together.


It may not be the easiest to put together but with the necessary tools available, it could be less hard to assemble. You may prepare these tools ahead of time: Power Drill with #2 Phillips, hammer, rubber mallet. If you plan to add shelves, it would be helpful to look for compatible Shelf Part Number: 08631.

For stronger reinforcement, try to put down plywood boards and nail the plastic panels down on it. You can also install “Tap It” lights inside for night time visibility.

Small Plastic Outdoor Bicycle Storage

small plastic outdoor bicycle storage

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These compact outdoor bike storage are designed for narrow garden locations. It’s a detail-rich storage shed that looks well in any yard. It has 1 fixed window and vent panels to improve airflow that reduce heat.

It has a single door that measures 5′ 5” H x 2′ 1” W. Aim to hold 2 adult bikes, plus space to store yard tools, holiday decorations, and kid toys in.

The sturdy roof and floor offer flexible placement options. It is ideal for gardens, lawns, and backyards. It’s a great space saver, having a compact size of 4ft by 6ft.


  • No painting or varnish needed.
  • It has beautiful window to provide natural lighting.
  • Sturdy enough to hold 75 kg / square meter of snow.
  • Flooring included which protects your wheels against mud and soil.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • It has a stylish wood-like aesthetic.
  • The material is lightweight to save you on shipping cost, without sacrificing strength.


  • It cannot be assembled without the floor.
  • The floor is thin and bends quite a bit when you walk on it.
  • Quite challenging to assemble as you to line up the materials with a plywood to stabilize the unit.
  • Some users noted that the white strips that need to seal the roof are hard to bend.
  • Few complaints about flimsy panels which is like plastic cardboard.
  • Requires 2 people to assemble.


The floor isn’t suitable to be on the direct ground that’s why it is equally important to have a base. You may use either concrete or plywood platform. Bolt it down to the ground to make sure it doesn’t blow up in a strong wind. The roof is the most challenging part of the assembly. Make sure to follow instructions carefully to keep all parts fitted.

You may find panels to be a little flimsy because the material is lightweight. But once built its pretty solid standing. Be careful not to stab the material with a sharp object.

Secure Metal Outdoor Bike Storage

metal outdoor bike storage

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It’s a secure outdoor bike storage that has lean to shed design. This means space savings, which make it ideal for those who have very limited room on their lawn. It gains extra strength and weather protection when attached to a wall. This is very useful if your garden is in an exposed area that is often subject to strong winds.

It includes adjustable bike racks that can to fit any bike and can be removed in case you opt to store larger items. It has a convenient size of 6 ft. W x 7 ft.


  • It does not have windows, for added security.
  • The materials have undergone hot-dipped galvanized steel painting process.
  • It has wide double doors, door locks included in the listing.
  • Groove walls are reinforced to provide greater strength.
  • It offers 12 Years limited product warranty.


  • You need to pay attention to those sharp ends on the steel parts.
  • It can feel a little restricted inside when compared to other Duramax sheds.
  • Involves more than 1 person to assemble.


To overcome the problem of the shed being dark inside, you may use a clear plastic on the roof ridge. So even when doors are closed, there is plenty of light to see check your stuff inside.

Wearing gloves will also be an added protection against sharp ends on steel parts.



As you can see, the above outdoor bike storage solutions prove uniqueness in their own ways. They’re available in wood, hard plastic, aluminum, and steel. Can range in price from $200 to more than $1,000 depending on your needs and style.

Our advice is to buy a bike storage close to the value of your bike. So for example, if you have spent more than $1,000 on a new adult bike, then $500 – $600 for a storage is practical. Remember to consider as well the most personalized storage that holds many bikes.

One thing is very clear…there are a lot of great outdoor bike storage solutions. There’s always a storage for your pride and joy, no matter how much budget or open space you have.

Already have a favorite? We look forward hearing your comments!

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