Contemporary Apartment Interior Design from IKEA

Ikea is probably one of the best ways how to arrange interior in a relatively inexpensive way but at the same time with taste. At the moment, Ikea has more than 332 stores in 38 countries most of which are in Europe, some in the U.S., Canada, Asia and in Australia. This Swedish brand is characterized by quality, contemporary style at the affordable price. In addition, Ikea offers a ready-made furniture and accessory kits that are easy to combine for each customer needs.

This time we want to show you a tastefully furnished apartment with modern interior design in soft colors, where most of furniture and accessories come from Ikea. More specifically, this is a demo apartment in one of the new projects in Latvia and with the help of a skilled interior designer was decorated as a solution for the new housemates. The apartment is well and evenly lit, the walls are in warm colors, while the furniture and interior accessories are more expressive. At the same time thought about the functionality and applicability of families with children.

Considering that demo flats usually are arrange in a way that most would like, then this can be considered as successful solution for color, accessories as well as furniture selection.












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