Convertible Tables: Smart and Modern Solutions for Small Spaces

If you live in a small apartment or house, then probably you are also faced with the dilemma of what to buy- coffee table, dining table or better work desk? Therefore, today, let’s talk about the convertible tables, which combine two or even all three variants- coffee table, dining table and even work desk.

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One of the most popular companies that specialize in modern and multi-functional furniture designs are “Ozzie Design”, “John Strand” and “Calligaris”. Ozzie Company’s main motto is: “Welcome to a new dimension, where everything is possible”. And, indeed, looking at their created furnishings seems surprising how a 43 cm deep and 100 cm wide table turns into a 100 cm deep and 293 cm wide dining table.

convertible tables by ozzio

Convertible Tables – Coffee into Dining

Among the most popular are coffee tables that convert to dining tables. Their design and shape are different: rectangular, round, with metal or wooden legs. Materials for table tops and legs are available in a wide range, so, it can be matched with a variety of furniture and interior design styles.

convertible coffee table designed by john strand company

coffee tables that convert to dining tables

These types of transformer tables all work similarly. Mainly differ in the mechanism- picks up with the touch of a dedicated button or knob. Accordingly, after the surface of the table is turned and opened as the book, resulting in a full dining table of 75 cm height. At this table can comfortably sit 4-8 people depending on design and size.

round convertible coffee table

convertible tables designed by john strand company

convertible coffee table transforms to dining table

Coffee Table Converts to Desk

This is the second most common type of convertible coffee tables. Great solution for desk combined with a coffee table. The big benefit of this design has a built-in shelf that can be used for books, magazines, documents, stationery, notebook and for other storage. As well provide the ideal working height for those who use laptop or simply work at home.

Mechanism works easy by lifting the tabletop up and pulling it toward you. Convert table back in the same way by simply lowering down.

coffee table converts into desk

small coffee table converts to desk

convertible coffee table turns into desk

Convertible Dining Table

Convertible dining tables are third popular category. Nowadays, space saving tables becoming more and more popular. Not without reason. At first, when they are folded, they are small and minimalist, but converted in full can reach an impressive banquet tables.

transformer tables design by john strand company

white convertible dining table - golia

For example, Ozzio Design table “Golia” has a particularly clever design. Since the minimum size is 75 cm high, 100 cm wide and 43 cm deep. In turn, the maximum size is 75 cm high, 100 cm deep and 293 cm long. At this table can comfortably sit 12-15 people. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

They mainly work on gas adjustable height and have inside the aluminum mechanism that operates on the principle of the telescope. Thus way dining tables can be pulled out as a series of different sizes.

convertible tables created by ozzio company

About Costs

“Ozzie Design”, “John Strand” and “Calligaris” design tables are not cheap. It costs an average range from 400.00 to 2566.00 British pounds, depending on model and choice of materials. But what is good think about buying this type of tables, that you can obtain 2 to 3 tables in one, which are not minor if you have small space.

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