Sweet and Cozy Home Interior Design by Rita Konig

People like to feel the real things, real people, and gain inspiration from unusual things. There is a lot of home interiors that are similar to one another and gives this feeling that you have already seen similar somewhere else. However, among those there are different ones, more personal, that makes you stay. We are trying to find such interiors and share with them. So, today we want to show you one of them.

This charming and cozy home interior design author is Rita Konig. She lives in England, Manhattan and she has two professions-an interior designer and writer. Rita has been able to merge both creative professions and it can be seen in hers interior design. It is striking how many and various accessories, colors and things here you can notice! In addition, they all have their own order and meaning. I love this living area and zoned lighting that creates a very intimate and cozy atmosphere.

home interior design

As well, originally looks green leaves, which are peeping through a window in the room. It makes feeling that you are somewhere out of town. I love that this interior is surrounded by so many things that inspire. What do you thing about this interior design?

cozy interior design

inspire interior design

cozy home interior

home interior design

home interior design

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