Super Easy Way to Create a Stylish Log Lamp

log lamp

This idea is really simple, but the result is stylish. This type of lamps in design store will cost several hundred dollars, but created by yourself- average will cost about 30-47 dollars. Costs depend on what material and lamp shade chosen.

To make a log lamp you will need:

1. Log of wood
2. Drill
3. Power cord with light socket
4. Light bulb
5. Lampshade

First, we need to find a good lamp base-log of wood. The next step is to process the log a little bit to get the rough parts nice and smooth and gave them a coat of clear paint. Then drill a hole in the middle where to insert power cord with light socket.

The second important step is to choose a lamp shade. For log lamps the best lamp shade shape is barrel. Choose which you like the most below.

Now when you have found your perfect lampshade, it’s time to light up your lamp! To get more inspired, take a look at pictures below.

create log lamp yourself

log table lamp making

log lamps handmade

wood log lamp

stylish log lamp making

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