Tastefully Designed Eclectic Style Apartment in Taiwan

This eclectic style apartment is one of the coziest and charming design works that I have seen lately. It is designed by FertilityDesign and in whole got light warm background with few colorful accents like wingback armchair in jewel blue or red faux brick wall that freshen up the interior. Here can feel influences of contemporary, vintage and French country flair and what is most striking everything together looks very consistent and harmoniously.

Because in the interior is used many accessories from wood and textile in classical and in French country style it has made eclectic style apartment in whole not cold as it is usually is with industrial and modern style, but instead- really romantic and homey. Even concrete-looking wall tiles that are used from the study area all the way to the dining room in combination of wood gives feeling of warmth. Really enjoyable work that will appeal to all lovers of eclectic style.

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