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Some important points choosing the perfect outdoor pool table

Outdoor pool tables are a fantastic way to have a break and have some fun with one of your friends or family. Pool is a universal sport and is played by millions of people all over the world and it is for that reason why there are so many different pool tables to choose from. One of these pool tables includes outdoor pool tables and they are exactly what they sound like – pool tables that are designed for the outdoors. There is a lot to decide when you are choosing a pool table and it can be helpful to know a few considerations to make before you go out and buy the first pool table you see. This article will list a number of points that will help you choose the best pool table for outside play.

Make Sure it is Waterproof and Weatherproof

An outdoor pool table is going to be outside all year round and it perfectly fine to be left this way. However, it is very important to check whether the outdoor pool tables you are looking at are waterproof and weatherproof. You do not want to find that your precious pool table has dissolved over a night of heavy rain. You can, of course, protect it with sheets but if the material is not moisture-proof or waterproof you will not have a very functional pool table. In terms of maintenance in general, give you pool table a wipe and clean every now and again. Even if it is waterproof the cloth can still get damaged so remember to maintain it.

American or British – Which one is best for you?

When you are looking into buying one of the many outdoor pool tables available there are a lot of options to choose from. In particular, there are two main distinctions between pool tables: American style and British Style.

American Pool Tables

American outdoor pool tables can be specially designed to be water and weatherproof by combining a series of advanced materials and metals. American pool tables are professionally built and are normally made from aluminum and rubber with a slate top. When they are built to be played outside the cloth will be made from a synthetic waterproof material to make sure it is not ruined during rainfall. They can also be fitted for free-play or paid-play.


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British Pool Tables

British outdoor pool tables are more expensive than their American counterparts because they are built to last. These pool tables are made from plywood and have been coated with a waterproof stain. You can get both slate and MDF tops and the pool table will be fitted with rainproof and non-fade green cloth.

It will be up to you to design which outdoor pool table is for you but, in general, the British pool tables are better made and tend to last a lot longer than the American versions.
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Material Matters – Stick with Slate

When choosing the material for outdoor pool tables it is best to stick with slate. It is usually more expensive but you get the original and professional feel when playing and it is a lot smoother. You can opt for MDF because it does tend to be cheaper but at the cost of quality. However, slate is heavier and if you plan on moving your pool table around a lot then MDF may be preferable.


Outdoor pool tables are a great way to spend the day and are also great if you own a pub and want to let your customers enjoy the sun. They are a little more expensive than your standard pool table but they can stay outside all year round and require little maintenance. Above are some tips on how to choose the perfect outdoor pool table. To sum up, make sure it is waterproof/weatherproof, choose British designs and stick with slate for a professional experience.

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