Welcome to Google Technology House in London

In the very near future many of today’s innovative technologies will become the norm in our daily lives that will make it a bit easier. For example imagine a house that is able to suggest a recipe for dinner, give advice on the latest trends in fashion, entertain and do this all by talking to the owners. This is called a “smart house” that literally helps to accomplish and organize daily tasks that takes some time, which could be spend otherwise like relaxing together with the family. In this context, Google recently has unveiled one of those houses in central London, where the company has exhibited its latest products and services.

From the outside the house looks as usual, but inside impresses with its colorful and stylish interior design, unusual arrangement, as well each of the rooms presents the latest Google’s technologies like “Google Voice.” This innovation allows to surf the web, literally talking to a computer or smartphone. For example in the kitchen, where everyone can try to prepare a meal by using the “Google Voice” and online recipes “Sorted Food”. With voice commands you can put your smartphone or tablet to find the necessary food recipe, set cooking time, convert units of measurement such as weight of the product or desired cooking temperature and much more.










In turn, the bedroom through the “Google Voice” you can get tips on dressing, choose a make-up, find out the latest fashion trends and so on. The company is constantly evolving and it is expected that in the near future its products will also be in our homes quite a normal thing.



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