Harmonious Apartment Interior Design in Madrid

This beautiful apartment interior design is created by Victoria Olaso and building is designed by the famous architect Luis Gutierrez Soto. This home reflects the personality of its owners. As designer Victoria Olaso says, „The result is a very personal house with soul, created from the heart, not from the plane.” Home owners love to welcome guests and as well do lots of reading. This can be seen in the interior as well. In the apartment is located a large library, dining area and living area with fireplace that provides the ability to easily and pleasantly welcome guests.

Interior mostly decorated in antique style. Focusing made on the dining room chairs, they were chosen in two types- 6 antique French style with leather sitting and 6 antique chairs with wooden back and silk sitting. All together with classic lounge chairs, antique dressers and accents make an elegant and charming atmosphere in the apartment. Overall, designer has managed a very light and airy design with peaceful and balanced interior. Pleasant place were to live and relax.

apartment interior design

interior design with blue chair

apartment interior in classic style

interior with blue accents

apartments interior design

classic style apartments interior

interior design for apartments

antique and classic style apartments interior

Victoria Olaso apartment interior design

cozy apartment interior design

interior design with blue accents in bedroom

apartment interior design with blue

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