Harmonious Interior Design by Blending Two Different Tastes

This harmonious interior design was created combining two New York City apartments into one by designer, Robert Kaner, in collaboration with his architect, Rafael Berkowitz. This was not an easy task and not because the unification, but the reasons was two individual styles that came together. Owners had different tastes- one liked straight lines and everything hidden, but other- more romantic and a lot softer style.

The designer has managed to combine both owner desires into one interior while retaining straight lines, open shelving as well romance and softness. As well as being able to match very well many wooden textures with honey wood parquet, highlighted by a lively accents of green, blue, orange and golden shades. Overall, a very practical, cozy and harmonious apartment. Enjoy!

wood kitchen design with black accents for apartment in New York City

wooden kitchen designs for apartment with black green accents

apartment interior design by lively accents of green blue orange golden shades

interior design for apartment

harmonious interior design in New York City by Robert Kaner

harmonious bedroom design with orange gold shades

apartment bathroom design with white tiles

Source: NYTimes

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