Tasteful and Harmonious Interior Design in Poland

These home owners from Poland has long dreamed of a second home in the mountains. As their homeland is Norway, we can notice that the interior has Scandinavian style features. As well, it should be mentioned, that the designers skillfully connected the cool wall and floor warm tone. So next a little bit about how the designers made such a harmonious interior design.

If you will look at pictures carefully, you will notice that the walls in living room are in cool gray color, while the bedroom in warm colors. Here the designers used a little trick. Because the living room is located on the South side (sunny side) the walls are painted in shades of gray. On the South side can be used as well cool as warm tones. Both will look vibrant.

harmonious interior design

Contrary to the bedroom, which is located on the North side. Here, through the window enters cold light. So the walls are painted in warm colors. If the bedroom would be in the same color tone as the living room, then the room would be cold and bleak. And it is because, the North side of the window flow cold light. Cool tones it makes even colder and bluish.

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As a result, the rooms are well lighted, cozy and filled with elegant atmosphere. And I really like light oak flooring.

What do you like best about this interior?

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