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Eclectic Interior Design with Bold Patterned Tiles in Singapore

This amazing and bold eclectic interior design is created by design company THE SCIENTIST. Their design is characterized by the originality and eye-catching details in combination with creative and technical solutions to build a cosy and comfortable living environment. Designer work is fantastic, and not without reason, their philosophy is – “What is done in

Modern Eclectic Style House Designed by Architectural Bureau FORM

This excellent eclectic style house is located in Kiev and has gorgeous interior with total living space 270 square meters. Here you can find many interesting details and thoughtful solutions. This design keeps the focus till the last picture. Every room, every corner is designed with attitude and differs in style and atmosphere. Designers have

Eccentric Eclectic Style Apartment in Paris with African Motifs

This is really amazing eclectic style apartment that is located in the heart of Paris! Designed in classic, rustic and modern style, and what is most surprisingly, that it all looks together very well. The interior is filled with a lot of original, expressive furniture and accessories. For example, dramatic palm that fantastically well comes

Tastefully Designed Eclectic Style Apartment in Taiwan

This eclectic style apartment is one of the coziest and charming design works that I have seen lately. It is designed by FertilityDesign and in whole got light warm background with few colorful accents like wingback armchair in jewel blue or red faux brick wall that freshen up the interior. Here can feel influences of

Small Eclectic Style Apartment Design in New York

This eclectic style apartment located in New York has open planning and total living area of 60 square meters. As designer admitted the hardest part was to add comfort, warmth and character to whole interior since the basic tone was chosen light grey. Therefore, here are used many bold red accents in cushions, chairs, flowers

Eclectic Style Interior for Five-Story House in New York

This creatively decorated five-story house is located in Upper West Side, New York. Its owner is Amie Weitzman a talented designer that has done a really great job creating eclectic style interior, that includes all family member wishes and needs. As well, here is used an interesting approach – each floor is designed in its

Playful Eclectic Style Interior for Townhouse in London, UK

This eclectic style interior is created by DOSarchitects and named Little Venice. Interior literally filled with positive energy and joy of life. Bright color accents bring to life the space, making it more expressive, fun and interesting for daily living. Throughout felt the fullness of texture and details that interact with each other on a