How to Choose Kitchen Colors With a Color Wheel

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Today’s topic will be about color choice with color wheel in kitchen interior, but this technique as well can be used for other rooms.

As we know, the color combination not only affects how we perceive space and all what we can see around, but also changes our mood and atmosphere. People perceive colors very individual, but between them are a certain regularity or general law which is essential to follow. One of the techniques that can ease this task is a color wheel or color circle.

Color wheel divides into 3 main groups. These groups are considered as most harmonious:

  • Monochromatic
  • Analogous
  • Complementary

color wheelMonochromatic color wheel – it means the same color applications in various shades. These shades can be both brighter or darker from the basic tone. In color wheel these colors are arranged in sectors, for example- from dark blue to light blue. Every tone from this palette can be matched to create an elegant and tasteful interior. Advantages: feeling of unity and harmony in the room.
monochromatic blue living room

Below are few examples of this color technique when used from pale pink to coral tone or from beige to fallen leaves. Pay attention to the accents- how they are used in these examples. Without accessories space would be too drab and monotonous.

color wheel for interior designAnalogous color wheel – combines close standing colors – neighbor or related colors.

Look at the color wheel, choose the color which you like and want to use as the main background. But those two colors, which is located next to the selected one, on the right and on the left side, can use as accent.

For example, if the basic color is selected red, then to arrange kitchen interior, can be used the reddish-violet and reddish-orange tones. If the basic color is yellow, then yellow-green and yellow-orange. This technique always works very well.

complementary color wheelComplementary color wheel – it is a bold and powerful choice. It combines the contrast or opposite colors: red, green, yellow, blue and so on. Complementary colors one to the other background looks more vivid and expressive, so try to use this technique carefully.

And more! Take into account that furniture color should be lighter than the floor, but darker than walls.



Not to make mistake choosing complementary colors for interior, can use one two techniques. Take a color wheel and choose two opposite colors or use an equilateral triangle and place it on the circle. This will help in the color choice. Vertices of the triangle will show to each other harmonized colors. Rotating the triangle about an axis each time you will see the colors that interact with one another very well.

 color cycle or color wheel


Advice: When choosing kitchen colors, take into account your family members. Listen to their desires as well. If you will follow it, you will get a kitchen that will appeal not only to you but also to your family. Best of luck and have the fun! (:

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