How to Choose Perfect Color for Wall, Furniture and Accessories (Part 1)

Colors is a relatively simple, inexpensive and effective way how to refresh home interior. Nowadays, more than ever, there is a wide choice of colors, that allows to create your own favorite color palette. However, at the same time it also creates some difficulties and confusion when it’s necessary to make decision in one particular tone or many color combinations.


In this publication you will find 7 most important questions which should be answered before starting to choose colors.

7 Most Important Questions Which Should be Answered Before Starting to Choose Colors for Walls, Furniture and Accessories

• For what purpose is meant room in which you are planning changes?
• Who in the family will use this room most often?
• At what time of the day is planned to visit this room most often?
• How much natural daylight entering the room?
• What colors are planned for furniture and accessories (whether you have already purchased, or you are about to obtain them)?
• What colors are in other rooms?
• Finally, what emotions should evoke particular room?

We recommend to write out all your answers on a sheet of paper and try to answer as completely as you can, so as to achieve a more accurate understanding of space that you expect to change.

In the next publication, we will prepare sample, after which you will be able to furnishing any room at home or even office. Step by step will go through these issues with practical examples which will be a great help in creating your own color palette.

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