If You Like Turquoise or How to Furnish Turquoise Living Room

Turquoise is one of the most positive interior colors because it’s associated with sea, sun, leisure and relaxation near seaside. Therefore furnished turquoise living room will give a lot of positive emotions. In color psychology, turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability, as well it’s recharge our spirits and tiredness perfectly preparing us for a new day. So, if you want to arrange and decorate turquoise living room, one of the best ways how to mix successfully and match color shades, is to take an example from nature. All colors that occur in the sea and seaside, perfectly complements turquoise tone. You can chose for example brown floor, light cream or sandy yellow walls, put turquoise sofa, coffee table, curtains, add painting that meets all colors together, this way making coherent, calm and monolithic turquoise living room. In contrast, to obtain deeper look and add interest to whole interior you can mix colors like yellow, green or coral orange.

Below you can see one example, how to arrange calm, coherent and monolithic turquoise living room by using blue- turquoise colors in furniture and accessories. At such a choice, for example, would fit perfectly dark brown floor with sand beige walls.

turquoise living room

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