How to Make a Cozy and Functional Bathroom Design

Some useful tips for planning bathroom design

how to make a cozy and functional bathroom design

When designing a bathroom, it is important that everything is done in the right order and quality. As the bathroom design and repair go hand in hand with money spending, carefully chosen materials, right colors and comfortable furnishings will help to maintain a cozy place where to wash and relax.

What should be clarified before planning bathroom design

Before to start designing a bathroom you should clarify a few important things:

  • What equipment is necessary?
  • Is there a need for a bath and shower or shower will be ok?
  • Is bidet really necessary?
  • Whether and where to put the washing machine?

If you have enough space, you can afford both – shower and bath- if not, then think, depending of space. Be sure to review the technical capabilities – water runoff, drainage, ventilation, sanitary equipment and tube placement. While planning water outlets, it is important to understand how will look bathroom layout. Where will be placed the bath or shower, where the toilet bowl, sink and bidet? It is important that the layout is ergonomic and comfortable. When it is done, then can start thinking about bathroom style and material design.

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beige bathroom designbathroom with shower design shower with toilet designgrey bathroom design with windows

Solutions for small bathroom

Often the bathroom is the smallest room in the house and space planning is a real challenge. In this case, it is important to remember that for a small bathroom the best option is visual simplicity and minimalism in details.

Useful ideas:

  • To make small bathroom look brighter, one option is to borrow light from a neighbor rooms. For example, through the door, where has a built-in glass.
  • Above the sink is recommended to install a large mirror, it makes the space visually larger.
  • If the small bathroom door opens inside, it significantly reduce the usable floor area. If the small bathroom door opens into narrow corridor, there is little room as well. In both cases, the best solution is to install a sliding door that gives more space for both- the bathroom and the near room.
  • When choosing bathroom equipment, it’s better to prefer wall mounted sink and toilet bowl, they will look lighter and will take less space.

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large tiles for bathroomwhite bathroom designwhite bathroom design with sliding doorcream color bathroom design

Actual in materials and tendencies

Today, materials are available in a wide range of different colors, structures and patterns. Currently, actual in bathroom design is structure and pattern mix among smooth, rough, matte or glossy materials. More and more often in interior is used texture of wood or wood imitation as well patterns and textures of leather, rust and metallic.

If talking about colors, latest trend in bathroom design is mono-color with a minimal accents where walls, floor or furniture is a shade darker or lighter. Actual colors are gray, white and beige used in different compositions and forms.

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cozzy bathroom designleather textures tiles in bathroomwood imitation bathroombathroom design with brown wall tiles

Useful idea:

  • If the size of the room allows, can safely use larger tiles to give the bathroom a visual space.

Moreover, availability of different type of materials allows to decorate and plan bathroom for every taste and liking. So don’t be afraid to let imagination fly and implement even the most daring dreams. Good materials, right colors and comfortable layout will make the bathroom effective. Only with one main condition, choose materials that are meant for wet rooms! We hope that you will manage an excellent bathroom design!

Tell us how you’ve arranged your bathroom? Any idea, suggestion or experience may be helpful to our readers!

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