Modern Apartment Interior with Bold Accents

To liven up the interior, it’s sometimes enough with a few colorful accents, a certain amount of texture and some creative furnishings. This is that case when colorful interior design is made only by highlighting the white basic color with gray, pink and sea blue shade, but in the result gain interesting, positive and lively apartment. As well big role in the interior plays the large windows, through which enters enough daylight to make the apartment brighter and more spacious.

This apartment could belong to a young couple because its cheerful, contemporary and decorated with original and bold accessories. For example, dinning table and coffee table makes hole interior look different- imaginative. As well impressive paintings on the wall makes interior look filled and bold despite the fact that there is not much furniture as it is designed in minimalist style.

colorful apartment living room with bold accents

apartment interior design

colorful interior design

colorful interior design with bold accents

living room design with bold accents

moder apartment kitchen in white

apartment bedroom white with bold accents

apartment bedroom with bold accents

moder apartment bathroom design

apartment interior design

apartment design

modern apartment interior with bold accents


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