14 Low Bunk Beds Solutions for Low Ceilings

Low ceilings often make homes feel cramped, especially when longing for a comfortable room for a restful, good night’s sleep. If your space is not tall, you can focus on its horizontal elements and add things that will put emphasize the horizontal aspect of the room. Perhaps you would like to consider having low bunk beds! With some creativity and willingness to try various solutions, you can surely adjust and do other things to help you live with low ceilings better.

Low Bunk beds are all about combining a fun, playful vibe with space-saving solutions that help maximize available room. More than space, low bunk beds can make low ceiling less noticeable because it adds horizontal strength of your room. If you are picking a kids bunk bed, make sure to invest a bit more in bringing home a selection that comes with plenty of drawers and a few smart shelves. You can even go a step further and bring home a smart bunk bed with trundle that allows your kids to quickly tuck away clutter.

Even adult bedrooms and guest rooms can benefit from modern bunk bed designs. However, you should ensure there are at least 2 or 3 feet of space between the top mattress of the bunk bed and the ceiling to avoid injury when sitting up and to prevent bumping the ceiling with your head in middle of the night. Look for low bunk bed designs that have the maximum height of probably with no more than 60 inches.

The abundance of low bunk bed styles proves that it can do more than just saving space. To help you decide on which low bunk bed will fit into the lifestyles of your children and families, here are 14 smart low bunk beds solutions for low ceiling. One good thing about this collection is that they are five to six feet tall which means most 7- 8 foot ceiling will give you the ample room that you need plus they very much available for purchase, we have provided the links for your review and buying convenience.

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Twin Bunk Beds that Can Separate

Bunk beds are known for having flexible designs. A good example is a twin bunk bed that can separate. They are good stacked or separated. It has 43.5” width and 79.25” depth. With only 47.5” height, it fits even for ceilings lower than 7 feet . This is also very practical in the future when you are looking forward moving on to a bigger space.

separate twin bunk beds

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Short Bunk Bed with Built-in Ladder

This short bunk bed has the right scale fitted for a space with lower ceilings. It is smaller in size (47” H x 58” W x 31” D ) but offers a sturdy frame with a four-step built-in ladder for safety.

It solves not only your ceiling problem. It also offers extra storage underneath the bottom bunk. You may consider putting storage drawers or an extra bed for additional sleeping space.

short bunk bed with built-in ladder

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Very Low Twin Bunk Bed

A very low bunk bed emphasizes the ceiling height even more with a vertical slatted design. Having an overall dimension of 50” H x 42.5” W x 80” D, it’s a perfect size for your low ceiling room. Plus the detachable guardrails are high enough to provide safety on the top bed.

very low twin bunk bed

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Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Shelves

Bunk bed with shelves provides an easy access to keeping cords for lamps, media devices or reading materials. The ladder and the bookcase are reversible to give way for angles and corners of a small room.

For your reference, dimensions are 53.5” H x 38.6” W x 89” D.

twin over twin bunk bed with shelves

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Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Wardrobe

A small twin bunk bed that goes all out in the storage department. It has a two-door wardrobe closet, bookshelves and one drawer under the bottom bunk. And you get 2 European twin XL mattresses.

With an overall size of 55.4” H x 109.2” W x 47.6” D, it is best suited for your micro-apartment or condo units.

twin over twin bunk bed with wardrobe

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Low Twin Over Full Low Bunk Bed

A low size twin over full bunk bed that provides more sleeping space without taking up extra space. This bunk bed configuration has a total height is 60.6”, while depth is 78.1”. Its width from side to side, without the ladder, is 57.24″. And 66.73 wide when the ladder attached.

They are best suited for both boys and girls bedroom design, even perfect for a guest room.

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Twin Over Twin Solid Wood Bunk Bed

This solid wood bunk bed can easily blend with the rest of your furniture that you already have. Its durable and sturdy frame implies that it will last for years. Dimensions are 59.5” H x 42.75” W x 80.24” D. While wood finishes available are Cherry and Dark Walnut.

twin over twin solid wood bunk bed

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Caribou Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Ladder

A twin over twin bunk bed that is just right for kids sharing a room or for sleepovers. It can comfortably hold a single sleeper on each level, without feeling crowded.

The guard rails are conveniently removable and can accommodate up 10″ mattress height. While, dimensions are 58.25” H x 42.63” W x 78.38” D.

twin bunk bed

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Twin over Twin Standard Bunk Bed with Scalloped Bookcase

Wooden bunk bed designs are popular because of its versatility. A good example is a bunk bed with bookcase headboard. It is very convenient for kids and young adults who love to read before sleeping. Or an easy grab of their books during exam weeks. Also great for keeping toys of younger children.

Recommended mattress height is 8”, in order not cover the bookcase.

bunk bed

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Jamie Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

This bunk bed with stairs and storage is the best alternative to ladders. Not only stairs are safer than ladders, but also they often provide more storage space. Like in this product, it has 3 hidden drawers located at the foot-board.

Dimensions are 44” H x 42” W x 93.75” D. While bunk configurations can be done in 2 ways: L-shape and standard.

low bunk bed

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Rustic Hand-Stained Finish Low Profile Bunk Bed

Low profile bunk beds are roughly 10-12 inches shorter than traditional bunk beds. They are very useful in spaces with low ceilings and a great option for younger children.

Overall dimensions are 48” H x 80” W x 41” D.

rustic hand-stained finish low profile bunk bed

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Sacramento Full over Full Bunk Bed with Built-In Ladder

Metal bunk beds convey a modern, contemporary look. Below is a full over full bunk bed that is perfect when you need to fit two full sized beds into a smaller room, less the ceiling woes.

Overall Dimensions are 59” H x 57” W x 78.25” D. With a wider bed, the chance of an accident happening is very little. The mattress, however, should not be more than 6″ to keep the guardrails safety purpose. Underneath the bottom bunk is compatible with a trundle bed.

full bunk bed

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Twin Over Full Low Height Bunk Bed with Storage

Twin over full bunk bed with built-in stairs is the ultimate solution when you are after to safety. If you wish to get a bunk bed for your child. But can’t contain the idea of her/him climbing that ladder up and down over and over, then this is the way to go. Plus, you get nice deep storage drawers, both on steps and underneath the bottom bunk.

twin over full low height bunk bed with storage

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Twin over Twin Standard Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage

This bunk bed with under bed storage drawers has an overall dimension of 56” H x 42” W x 81” D. The under bed drawers provide extra storage for clothes, toys and cut down under bed clutter.

At 56″ height, it still provides enough headroom between the top and bottom of bunk, with 28″ clearance.

bunk bed with storage

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