Magazine Rack Table – Modern and Multifunctional Solutions

One of most known brand, that produce magazine rack table solutions and other modern furniture pieces made of plywood, is OFFI which was created thinking about great design with love. They create simple, beautiful and practical furnishings that address the modern urban lifestyle and can be used in any modern home in the world. Offi products are created to be multifunctional, minimal in design and comfortable.

All Offi products are characterized by durability and longevity. In design used light, clean lines, minimalist style without unnecessary details. Therefore, this furniture is easy to match with the existing interior and decor. One of the most requested Offi accessories is magazine rack table, which can be used in many different versions for both – adults and children. For this type of tables they have 4 options, so lets today talk a little bit more about them.

Offi MAG – Magazine Rack Table

Offi magazine rack table is flexible and multi-purpose table that, as its name suggests, provides a space for storing magazines. But that is not all, it can be used as side table on which you can work with Laptop, perfect for holding coffee or tea while you enjoy a magazine and the S-shape that the Mag Table creates, provides a convenient opening for knees when the table is used while sitting on the couch. As well, this magazine rack table will be appreciated by small children. When using black laminate Offi MAG table together with LOOK ME chair, can get perfect kids table set on which can draw with chalks. Table Dimensions: 63 x 35 x 40cm (L x W x H).

offi mag table

Offi Overlap Tray

This practical and functional Overlap Tray is beautiful alternative to a traditional ones. This table will be appreciate from all those who love working with Laptop in bed or bring office along with you anywhere in your home. Its provides a space for storing magazines, is portable and durable, have modern design which can be easily match with other furniture and accessories. As well, will be suitable for taking breakfast in bed. Table Dimensions: 75 x 38 x 20cm (L x W x H).

Overlap Tray

Offi Scando Coffee Table

Qualitative and multifunctional Scando is elegant and esthetic coffee table, which is a suitable solution for small spaces. The Scando table’s unique design and durability makes it an ideal desk for both – the young and adult. For children, the low table works as a place to pull up to stand for early walkers and later as the ideal height for sitting at when coloring or eating a snack. As well it has useful “pocket” where can store in magazines, newspapers and books. Adults will love the elegant and expertly crafted table’s unique appeal, as it blends into the existing area without taking too much free space. Made of plywood with natural wood finish. Table Dimensions: 105 x 70 x 28cm (L x W x H).

coffee table

Embrace Bent Plywood Coffee Table

This one is pretty original magazine rack table, that can be used separated as two coffee tables, as a laptop table when sitting on the couch, as a children’s desk and bench, or even as a serving tray for breakfast in bed. When connected together – in an embrace – tables create an extra space on each side, creating a perfect storage space for ready-to-read magazines, space for books, DVDs, or other media. The natural wood grain make it an occasional table that will be a perfect addition to any interior. Table Dimensions: 850 x 35 x 37,5cm (L x W x H).

offi mag table

offi mag table

These multi-functional tables are not cheap, but it is worth every cent. It is not simple plywood furnishings, they are design accessories that are functional, durable and can be used in different ways. In fact, for one price you can buy two or three in one. Magazine rack table prices vary starting from $199 to $799 American dollars and is available in several finishes, birch, birch lacquered, wenge, walnut, oak, white, red and black laminate.

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