Personalized Marquee Signs and Lighting Ideas to Re-Invent Your Space

Decades ago, we look at them as an advertisement tool for old cinemas, theater plays and carnivals, but I bet a lot of you will agree that the purpose of marquee signs does not rest on those establishments only. Lighted Marquee Signs are timeless yet timely pieces of art that works both as accent décor and mood lighting in almost any part of the house, in a living room, bedroom to out on the patio and gardens. Aside from illuminating a corner of our home, it also turns a blank wall into a spotlight. Be it a vintage marquee letter lights of your name, initials, favorite word or number, shapes or signs that are close to your heart, it allows you to personalize your decor. Combined with the right lighting and furniture, marquee signs can also set event moods, especially during weddings.

Designs are limitless; let your imagination lead you. What’s make it awesome is that these lighted marquee signs are very much available in the market and sellers provide customized design as per customers request. If you are you’re the type who prefers to get involved in every detail, various DIY tutorials to create your own lighted marquee signs are available on the internet. And since these marquee lights are on trending these days, we can’t wait to share with you some of popular marquee signs solutions, where you can buy it and some tips on to how to style it like a pro.

Where to Buy Marquee Signs and Letters


Outdoor/Welcome Decor

From the outside, lighted marquee signs are great to welcome guests & neighbors, either from your entrance door, office lobby or living room.
outdoor marquee signs
marquee letter

Nursery Room

Who says marquee art is only for adults? Design trends showcased by Saddle Shoe Signs will leave you in awe. They used this illuminating marquee lights as an accent piece to nursery rooms, in fun shapes and colors that will surely catch the attention of adorable babies!

lighted marquee letters
marquee letters

A Single Wall Accent All Over the House

This glowing marquee light was literally designed to represent the 13 major cities in California. Available at Designs and was featured at Sunset Magazine.

marquee light

A large décor on top of the piano.

marquee love letters

Instead of hanging a mirror or artwork above your sofa, hang an arrow marquee lights, or choose your favorite sign or initials to a more personalized interior. By just merely leaning against a wall, these marquee letters and signs can set the mood of every part of your house. How do you feel having it at your bathroom? You’ll be amazed to see how it defines your space in a different level.
arrow marquee wall light
play marquee letters
stylish marquee letter
marquee wall light
Jazz up your bar section, or make every meal inviting with a marquee sign in your dining area. A customized marquee sign to your playroom and even in your entertainment room is also a great idea to maximize these lighted marquee signs.
vintage style marquee letters
marquee wall light
marquee sign letters
animated marquee sign
Grouped together to spell out a name, initials or a message on the floor, on top of a dresser. You may also mix lighted marquees with your favorite memorabilia and souvenir items for a mantel moment.
big marquee sign
star marquee wall light
marquee letter with accessories

There’s actually no limit, you can place it in a gallery grouping of framed art or prints, from staircase entrances, on the floor to shelves.
marquee light letter
marquee signs letter

Do It Yourself

A lot of shapes & designs to choose from or make them yourself! DIY tutorials on creating marquee letters and signs were available online like those from Ruffled, Design Sponge and Brit + Co.

Video tutorial how to create DIY letter lights

How to make the ampersand marquee light

diy ampersand marquee light

Where to Buy Marquee Signs and Letters

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