Minimalist Style Kitchen with Massive Storage and Enclosed Space

In a previous article we talked about small kitchen design, this time we would like to show you a great example, how can be arrange small, but in the same time spacious kitchen with a fully enclosed space, so your guests will never see the scattered things. Everything in this modular kitchen is in its place and carefully hidden behind sliding modern systems. Very good option for those who have the kitchen united with living room.

This minimalist style kitchen consists of several blocks, behind which is hidden a particular part of the kitchen. It is modular and customizable and has everything you need for a full-fledged kitchen equipment: built-in refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave oven, it has work surface with built in sink and a fold-out additional worktop. Does this kitchen design is not amazing?!

minimalist style kitchen with massive storage and enclosed space

minimalist style kitchen design

modular kitchen design for minimal interior design

stealth kitchen design

stealth kitchen

functional kitchen design with modular system

apartment design with functional kitchen

functional kitchen with modular design

stealth kitchen for apartment


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