Mirror Cleaning Solution Without Chemistry (easy and effective)

The shining mirror is like a symbol of cleanliness in every home. However, no one is excited about regular cleaning, moreover, in the most cases it does not obtain the desired look. In the market, nowadays there is a wide range of cleaning chemistry products created specially for glass surfaces including mirrors. But in this article we will take a look at effective mirror cleaning solution by using only natural materials.


1. Standard chalk powder
2. Sponge

At first, clean the mirror surface from dust and other dirt. For this process excellently will work chalk powder. Pour a little bit of chalk onto the sponge and in dry way clean the entire surface of the mirror. If you want to make a mirror shining, take a cotton swab, wet it in cologne and with a circular motion polished all surface.

By the way …

To protect the mirror from fogging, prepare the following – (1 teaspoon of gelatin to 50 ml. water). Cover with it all surface.

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