Modern-Classic House Interior with Eclectic Touch

This modern-classic house interior is created by interior designer Eric Kuster. The house is located in the beautiful Netherlands – place that impresses with its picturesque landscape and abundance of colors. Its owner is the family which owns the cosmetic brand Rituals. About 15 years ago here was a small piece of land, but after four children birth was decided to purchase the adjacent land and to build a second floor.

Thinking about the interior, the owners wanted to get a balance between classic and modern styles while avoiding “museum senses” and as well house with maximum comfort where relax and gain harmony, enjoying the beautiful views outside the window.

house interior design

cream white living room interior

beautiful cream white house living room

house living room design by Eric Kuster

house interior by Eric Kuster

modern classic living room design

house interior design with eclectic touch

modern classic house interior by Eric Kuster

modern classic house kitchen design

house living room interior

modern classic house interior

house master bedroom design

cream white bathroom design

house bathroom design with brick wall

house interior

beautiful house in Netherlands

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