Modern Country Interiors – Home Design with Simplicity and Functionality

modern country interiors home design with simplicity and functionality

Modern country interiors has evolved from country style, that comes from America. Nowadays, it has become popular all over the world. Mainly because it has changed the original appearance. As time went by, it has lost the old fashioned concrete, its rough and unwieldy components and become much cozier, more sophisticated and modern, while maintaining its core values – the simplicity, warmth and harmony with nature.

Therefore main features of modern country interiors are simplicity and functionality. There is nothing superfluous, luxurious and embellished. Everything is made from natural materials like solid wood, stone, leather, linen and wool making modern country interiors perfect for those who need the comfort, coziness and warmth of family moments.

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Selection and use of materials in modern country interiors

While country style has become modern, still it is simple and natural. Therefore, in modern country interiors mainly is used furniture made of wood, bamboo, sisal as well from stone. For carpets, curtains and decorative pillows are used materials such as linen, wool and leather that warmth up and gives natural look to whole interior. Accessories are made mostly of wood, straw, twigs and clay. Very warm and homey atmosphere creates a combination of wood and clay. However, for decoration and furniture should not be used too modern material combinations from glass, chrome-plated metal and plastic. This option will be more suitable for eclectic style.

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Color shades used for modern country interiors

Country interior is characterized by a variety of colors. It is dominated by muted, sunny and pastel tones. The most commonly used combinations of natural and earth brown, stone, sunny yellow, cherry red, sky blue, grass green and ready grain shades. For example, if the furniture is selected in beige, then is recommended to match similar colors in lighter or darker shades. Very well goes together cream furniture with dark brown walls, creating a highlight, balanced and warm interior. In general, all natural colors will fit perfectly in country-style housing.

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Accesories and textures in country style

Like any other interior style also country style becomes more interesting and more expressive when are decorated with accessories. For this style can safely choose curtains with ornaments and flowers, of course neutral linen curtains will look just as good. However, when choosing a solid color curtains then desirable decorate space with patterned plaid, cushions or embroidered paintings that will give to room texture, interest and catchy details.

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For modern country interiors suitable accessories are clay vases, homemade quilts and carpets, crocheted decorative cushions, fresh and dry flowers in clay vases, old-time clock on the wall – these little things together with the day light, warm wood and natural materials are bringing the freshness and beauty not only inside country houses, but as well in city apartments.


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