6 Murphy Beds with Desk for Space Saving Solutions

Murphy beds with desk have been dominating the furniture market even in the early part of the 20th century, especially in places where growing urbanization meant apartments were overcrowded with people.

Today, with more and more folks opting to live in cozier urban quarters, it’s no surprise that it remained to be a hot item in every home where floor space is limited and where real estate prices are continuously increasing.

These Murphy beds, also called as wall beds are a great solution if you are longing to have a home office and at the same time a cozier place to be used as guest bedrooms. Who would not love converting their desk into bed without getting disturbed? The desk goes up and down and the bed rests on top of it. The best part is that opening the bed doesn’t disturb your work, so you can pick up right where you left off the next morning.

With very little effort and in only a few seconds, the whole bed disappears into the wall and all that’s left is a much more spacious room.

Since the bed occupies most of the floor space in any bedroom, being able to free up all that space and use it for something else anytime you want is a major relief, especially if the room is tiny.

The latest design of Murphy bed office units has included options such as lighting, storage cabinets, and office components. Perfectly safe, modern Murphy beds designs bring in as much spark and style as space-awareness.

If you are space-challenged- we invite you to read on some of our sophisticated top-of-the-line Murphy bed office picks. It certainly maximizes space and increases a room’s functionality.

Feel free to share which one is your favorite!


Full-Size Murphy Bed with Desk

Murphy beds with desks are a great way to save floor space. I love that this version looks like beautiful cabinets. With just a gentle pull down, reveals a beautiful comfortable full bed at night.

With minimal tools required, this full portrait wall bed assembles with amazing ease.

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murphy bed with desk


Modern Full-Size Murphy Bed with Desk

This Horizontal Murphy Bed comes complete with all parts and hardware that are ready-to-assemble. It has horizontally opening, wall bed, desk, and comes available in full sized bed.

It has seamless integration, modern and convertible Murphy bed ideal for all homes spaces like lofts studios basements and multi-purpose rooms.

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full size murphy bed with desk


Modern Twin Wall Bed with Desk

A good example of a Murphy bed-desk combos that save space and add interest to small rooms, made out of the highest quality material.

It has state of the art technology opening mechanism; allowing the Murphy beds opens and closes without much effort or struggle. A lovely wall when closed, and transform into a convenient study desk or opens all the way to a twin size bed.

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twin wall bed with desk


Queen Wall Bed with Desk

If you want to hide a queen-size bed in plain sight, you can’t beat a wall bed with desk. You can customize the bed to match your walls and architectural details, so when it’s closed, you would never guess a big, comfy bed is there at all – and when it’s time to sleep, all you need to do is give it a pull.

This queen wall bed comes in a compact design, with new generation gas shocks which allow you to open and close the bed with just one hand.

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wall bed with desk


Wood Murphy Bed with Desk

Double up your bedroom as a stylish workspace by adding this wood Murphy bed. Leave your stuff on the massive desk plugged in, and switch between the bed and desk functions with one push only.

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murphy bed with desk


Murphy Bed with Table and Storage

Being able to use a space for an office or entertainment space the rest of the time is smart space usage.

This is one of the best stylish Murphy bed with storages, a combination of wall beds, desks, cabinet with shelves and door, all built-in. Simple yet stylish.

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murphy bed

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