Most Popular Wall Beds Solutions for Small Spaces

Wall beds in the world most often are recognized by name “Murphy bed”. It comes from America and the inventor is William Lawrence Murphy [1876-1959], therefore bed is named in his honor. Since William was a bachelor and lived in an one-room apartment, he deal the same question we all face living in small apartments – how to get more free space? His answer was a wall bed.
Nowadays, this idea has several design solutions to easily suit for both home and office. Thus way obtaining an answer for the most frequently asked question – what to do in order to have more space? So let’s briefly look at the most popular wall beds solutions.

Space saving wall beds with sofa

This is one of the most popular wall beds and is a particular favourite for use in small one or two room apartments. Perfect for space saving. These kind of wall beds with sofa are easy to operate simply by taking over the space of the sofa and folding down a bed on top of it. The mechanism is made carefully and thoughtfully. In order to be able comfortably lift mattress to wall it is attached with elastic straps to the bed frame. The construction is so elementary that it can be done even by child.

For home and office – wall beds with desk and table

One of the best ideas by far is this clever convertible desk-and-bed combination. Available in different design variants like wall bed with table and shelves or wall bed with desk, wardrobe and storage, you choose. Furniture design is cleverly thought out, so that none even can think out that here is hidden inside something else.

Wall bed with wardrobe and storage

If space is relatively small, but still it allows to place more furniture, then a great solution will be wall bed with wardrobe or storage. This unit is formed as a set consisting of several cabinets and shelves. From the manufacturer may choose a variety of finishes like wood, laminate in different shades. It all depends on the design, the desired result and price. It should be noted that in this combination for visitors it will be really difficult to guess that behind cabinet doors lie bed.

Compact living room set – wall bed with TV

Current solution is great for very small spaces with no options to place the TV separately. Depending on needs there are several options for how to place the television. In pictures are shown most popular – when it is placed on wall beds frame or it is designed as part of furniture set. In the first case, when folding down the bed, TV is located at the bottom of the bed, but in second it opens first as sliding door with shelves. After opening sliding panel can be pulled out wall bed. Both are practical, selection depends on the space, costs and taste.

Wall beds design options and price

Wall beds are ordered according to individual design. Materials, colors, bed frame and mattress customer chooses himself, taking into account their own needs and budget available. Average simple wall bed prices range from 1400 – 3000 dollars. Everything depends on the packaging. Of course, it is possible to produce the same bed, buying the materials separately. This option is cheaper, about 800 dollars, but more complex and time-consuming.

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