This 104 square meters spacious Scandinavian style apartment at first sight looks like a typical white interior that is seen many times before. But it’s not quite so, the combination of white with warm shades and birch wood accents give light, bright and cozy feeling that is also achieved by a wide usage of textile like pillows, soft chairs, bedspreads and rugs. On the walls designers have not used the paintings, but on the contrary walls have become a coloring highlights in olive green and mustard shades.

Accessories play a major role. Designers for each housing area have used accents that give design character. If you will look closely to apartment, you will see that there are not a lot of furniture, but small decorative trinkets fill the apartment creating a harmonious and cozy living.

scandinavian style apartment living room with birch furnitures

white kitchen design for scandinavian style apartment

scandinavian kitchen in white

white apartment interior in scandinavian style

scandinavian style apartment interior design in white with birch accents

interior design for scandinavian apartment with birch texture

apartment design in white with birch decorations

workspace with birch decorations for scandinavian apartment

ikea workspace in white for apartment in scandinavian style

scandinavian apartment bedroom with olive green wall

apartment bedroom with olive green wall

master bedroom with green wall for scandinavian apartment

scandinavian bedroom in white with olive green wall

small white toilet for apartment in scandinavian style

white shower room for scandinavian apartment


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