The Secret to Creating a Harmonious Interior Design

Have you ever viewed design pictures in magazines or on the internet and thought- how the designers manage to arrange such a harmonious interior? The truth is simple. They use a formula 60-30-10, which helps to balance the percentage of color for creating balanced and harmonious interior designs.

The formula is very simple and can be used by anyone. Further let’s look at examples of how the formula works in practice.

harmonious interior design using formula 60 30 10


Why Man in Suit Looks so Amazingly Well

One of the main reasons is the right color proportion. A man’s suit is an excellent example how the formula 60-30-10 works:

• 60% of suit color is pants and jacke
• 30% of suit color is shirt
• 10% of suit color is accessories like tie

Analogously, the formula works in setting up home interiors:

• 60% of the room colors are walls and floor
• 30% of the room color is furniture
• 10% of the room is accessories in one or two colors like pillows, lampshades, paintings, curtains, carpets, etc.


Use in Practice

At first, you must choose a dominant color which will make 60%. This is easiest part, because usually walls are chosen in a dominant tone. This time as you can see in picture below 60% makes walls together with ceilings and few white kitchen cupboards.

wall color by formula 60 30 10 percentage

The next step is to choose a second color, which will make 30%. Most often it is furniture. This is the part where you should remember man’s suit. What would happen if under the jacket pull the colorful shirt? It would disturb the color balance. So do not use similar colors that are a shade lighter or darker. In order to maintain harmony, prefer furniture in one color shade.

For example, as shown in the picture below, the dominant color (60%) is blue walls, floor and two lounge chairs. White furniture, curtains and some decorations makes (30%), but other colors are accent, which makes (10%).

harmonious interior rule 60 30 10

The third stage is the choice of accessories, like pillows, rugs, curtains, lamps, vases and other decorations. This is the moment when you can unleash the imagination. The main condition for the accent color is to fit in with dominant color.

harmonious interior accessories in 30 percentage

Of course there are several ways to reach the 60-30-10 color proportion. For example, instead of painting all walls in the same color shade, you can paint one wall in accent color and 3 other walls in dominant tone. In turn, choose the furniture in the same color shade as floor. Furniture combined with floor will keep 60%, but accent wall will make 30%.

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