Extremely Versatile SIBU Design Sheets for Stunning Interior Makeover

SIBU Design offer a strongly self-adhesive decorative sheets made of synthetic materials that are easy and uncomplicated to use.

Varies in sizes 980×980 mm, 2600×1000 mm and 2440×1220 mm, with thickness from 1-4 mm. There are almost unlimited possibilities for application, can be used on many different surfaces at different places – home, office, shop, bar, fashion, exhibition, manufacturing and so on. SIBU is available in a wide range of color and design variations that give to interior exclusivity and elegance. Take a look on some examples below!

extremely versatile SIBU DESIGN sheets for stunning interior makeover

SIBU Design product groups

SIBU decorative leather surfacesSIBU decorative wood surfaces and metal surfaces 3 D modern decorative surfacesSIBU perforated decorative surfaces
SIBU glass decorative surfacesSIBU mirror decorative surfacesSIBU MultiStyle decorative surfacesSIBU structured decorative surfaces
SIBU vintage decorative surfacesSIBU wavy styling panels

SIBU panels are made of polystyrene and decorative foil that is able to imitate not only different metal surfaces, mirrors and fabrics, but even natural materials such as leather and wood. Decorative sheets are easy, flexible, unbreakable and can be applied on both – curved and flat surfaces. They vary in format, thickness and surface finish – smooth, perforated and structured.

These panels can be used without restriction to almost any surface finishes, with the exception floor and work surfaces. To cut the decorative SIBU sheets, it is enough with linoleum or carpet knife. The sheets are made with and without adhesive surface. To apply self-adhesive panels need only a rubber roller that helps panel accurately stick to surface, but without glue panels can be fixed to the surface by a single adhesive layer or simply screwing. Very easy and effective way how to make accessories, decorations and interior in whole original and outstanding. For inspiration look at the SIBU material applications.

Use of SIBU Design material (some examples)

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