Small, Two Level Apartment with Brick Walls

Sometimes, even a very small one-room apartment size can greatly expand simply by constructing it. This is exactly what Evgenia, a young designer, with her mom did after she bought this property a few years ago in Saint Petersburg. The apartment initially seemed quite small – 44 m2 but it had certain advantages, such as high ceilings and lots of windows. The ceiling height allowed the successful implementation of the idea of a second level for sleeping area, while underneath was built wardrobe.

As it turns out, one of the most difficult tasks was to decide which of interior solution will be the final because there was many. Later in the work of progress was born final idea of a classic style loft- in some locations where used brick, while the rest of apartment walls was painted white. Part of the furniture and kitchen equipment was ordered from IKEA but other furnishings and accessories where found in a local Indian store, but antique was restored and originally used in the interior.

living room for small apartment with brick wall

small 44 m2 apartment interior design in Saint Petersburg

classic style loft interior design for small apartment

small living room with brick walls

small one-room apartment with brick walls

small apartment interior with brick wall

small apartment kitchen zone with classic style elements

classic style loft apartment design

small apartment kitchen design

wall decoration for small kitchen

small apartment kitchen zone

classic style loft with brick wall

second level for apartment

small apartment with high ceilings

second level in small apartment

small apartment second level for bed

small apartment bathroom design

I have to say that apartment has managed really interesting and functional despite its limited living space.

Resource: The Village

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