Stunning Mid-Century Modern Home Office Designs


Having a home office is a great way to increase your productivity and lessen your travel cost. Perhaps, a mid-century modern home office design can be the best part of your day!

Regardless if you are among those lucky ones who get to work from the comfort of their homes, or if you just need a quiet place to run your business, interests, etc. It doesn’t matter because you can definitely add the marvels of mid-century modern character to your current workspace! Where to start? We’ve got all the inspiration you need right here.


mid-century-modern-office-desk mid-century-desk mid-century-modern-writing-desk mid-century-modern-style-writing-desk

Mid-Century Modern Desk & Chairs

1. Palm Oasis Writing Desk2. Meier Office Chair3. Rocky Writing Desk4. Mid-Century Slope Chair5. Soren Writing Desk / 6. Pryer Arm Chair7. Credence Writing Desk8. Camille Dining Chair9. Collette Desk10. Hemet Side Chair11. Kobe Writing Desk

Sometimes, we cannot avoid feeling a bit stressed at work and adopting a modern midcentury style can definitely a good means of creating a relaxing ambiance and yet enjoyable to work in.

Sleek, cool, clean, sophisticated, functional, colorful and curvy-those are pertinent words to describe mid-century modern designs, not to mention that they never go out of style.

If you are after space-saving solution, consider a mid-century folding desk; if you prefer to stand while you type, mid -century modern standing desk is ideal. How about adding a mod appeal to your writing desk or parlor seating ensemble with a modern upholstered arm chair to outfit your workspace? You may also opt for a sharp and vibrant color of the mid-century desk chair to have a modern retro look, they can blend in literally any settings.

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Adding a few timeless accessories will also allow you to usher in a dash of mid-century modern without undertaking an extensive renovation. Take, for example, a sunburst mirror or a mid-century watch on the wall. Viola! Your workspace now has your very own mid-century design. Or go for midcentury table lamps, they lend themselves well to any. You may get some vintage details such as an old typewriter or phone. An industrial wall lamp will also help you achieving a midcentury workstation. There are actually countless stores and websites devoted specifically to midcentury modern tastes.

Here’re some of the best inspirations regarding mid-century modern style workspace. Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print them and add them to your mood board.

Mid-Century Modern Desk Accessories

1. Palm Springs Radio in White2. Clotheslined Photo and Card Holder – Set of 23. Colombe Desk Lamp4. 20″ Noyes Mid Century Wall Clock5. Decorative Typewriter6. Bubble Glass Votive7. Acrylight Pencil/Cup Holder8. Stealth Treasures Stash Boxes9. Geode Wall Decoration in Gold10. Life-like Agave Planter

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