Sunny Interior Design of House in Spain

This lovely and cozy interior design of house is located in sunny Spain, Mediterranean. In its simplicity, it is charming. Therefore, it is a great example of how bright accents can highlight interior in very simple way by using curtains, pillows, paintings and other decorations. When it comes to a light neutral color interior the best thing about it is, that you always can use rather decorations in various shades to brighten it.

Despite the fact that the walls, floor and furniture are dominated by white color, designers have skillfully used 10% of golden yellow color in accents that makes the house a vibrant and lively. Overall, the interior is simple but at the same time very tasteful and elegant designed more in classic than in modern style.


interior design with yellow accents

sunny interior design of house

sunny interior design of house

living room with yellow

open floor plan kitchen with living room and dining room

open floor plan kitchen with living room

bedroom with yellow accents

yellow accents for bedroom interior

yellow wall color bedroom

yellow walls in bathroom interior

sunny house in spain

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