17 Wonderful Things Made From Sisal

Sisal – environmentally friendly and ecological material with a very high durability. It is made from the fibers of the agave plant that grows in many tropical and subtropical regions. Homeland agave – Mexico. With the discovery of the American continent was settled agave in many countries. In our time, the largest exporters of sisal are Tanzania, Kenya, Angola and Brazil.

Sisal rope is strong, does not accumulate static electricity, and most important – not being damaged by saltwater. In today’s manufacturing sisal are the basis for rugs, flooring, packaging materials, brushes, ropes, as well as toys and other items for the animals. As well sisal fiber and sisal rope is widely used as material for decoration of premises, used in floral design, in interior design and other types of decorative art. Its scope is not limited to: it is very pleasant to the touch, supple and at the same time tough and durable material.

Therefore, this time invites you to view original decorations made from sisal, especially for home interior. Enjoy!

things made from sisal

pouffe made from sisal and car tire

pouffe made from sisal

rug made from sisal rope

cool xmas tree decoration from sisal rope

glass ball and sisal rope decoration

home accessories made from sisal rope

bedside table made from sisal

lamp shades who made from sisal

handmade from white sisal rope

cool napkin holder from sisal

pencil holder and flower vase from sisal rope

nice interior decoration from sisal fibre

great home ideas from sisal

cool lamp from sisal

ceiling lamp who made from sisal rope

cat scratchers from sisal

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